MDI Shadowlands Cup 4 | Day 2 Full VOD

13 mar 2021
193 355 visningar

The Final Cup of Shadowlands Season 1 is here and teams battle the Shadowlands Dungeons on Patch 9.0.5 for the first time. Who will make Top 6 and qualify to the MDI Global Finals?
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  • Before hosting any of your “tournaments” consider making your game optimal. The last thing we want is to struggle playing the game because you focus on these ridiculous and pointless events...

    thanos kokkasthanos kokkas24 dagar sedan
  • bush did it lol

    Bubba LiburteeBubba Liburtee28 dagar sedan
  • when your casters only get excited over mistakes !! Toxic much "Tettles"...

    KitkatKitkat29 dagar sedan
  • jak commentary is kinda zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    SevSevMånad sedan
    • nagura is like "bla bla bla" while something "Major" is happing atm but she just HAS TO finish her statemant from 3 pulls before

      HealAdraHealAdra29 dagar sedan
    • The forced “chill” guy attitude is what does it lol

      joshy2 bossjoshy2 bossMånad sedan
  • The intro was epic.

    David CaddockDavid CaddockMånad sedan
  • Gg

    KELL THUzKELL THUzMånad sedan
  • wow, echo down...

    Sugi KyouSugi KyouMånad sedan
    • And still winning the finale 🤣

      D-manD-man29 dagar sedan
  • First

    Stanley YelnatsStanley YelnatsMånad sedan