OTK​ vs Unitas | Week 2 Day 1 | AWC SL Circuit

27 mar 2021
14 991 visningar

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OTK​ vs Unitas
Week 2 Day 1 | AWC SL Circuit
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► Rosters:
OTK : Mes, Cdew, Samiyam, Trill
Unitas : Cmd, Oxygen, Aiden, Yoske
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  • using t3 warlock set on other classes should be forbidden

    Petr LosevPetr Losev15 dagar sedan
  • Blizzard revert the drums thanks

    CynicalSpheresCynicalSpheres16 dagar sedan

    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo16 dagar sedan
  • You can tell that the producers have told the casters to look into the camera more and it looks really weird and unnatural!

    NuckthemanNucktheman16 dagar sedan
    • And to wear the same Headsets, beside ziqo

      Tam ́s TVTam ́s TV12 dagar sedan
    • Supatease was staring into our souls lol

      AnnaberriesAnnaberries14 dagar sedan
    • Yes very much so 🤣🤣

      Herr KulesHerr Kules16 dagar sedan
  • 🤘🏽💀🤘🏽 OTK 🖤

    ArcturusArcturus16 dagar sedan
  • anyone know what build mes was running ?

    XIKADIXIKADI16 dagar sedan
    • hes builds still up atm

      jay mat.jay mat.16 dagar sedan
    • allwillserve, blight, asphyxiate, harbringer, wraithwalk, pact, assault. pvp: abom, big zone, decomposing. stats: all vers + mastery. weapon enchant: stoneskin / sanguination.

      Black SpiderManBlack SpiderMan16 dagar sedan
  • Ofc this time otk did better with this comp, last time mes had frost conduits

    XyraXyra16 dagar sedan
    • @colbr06 hahahahhh 😂

      EroEro16 dagar sedan
    • @colbr06 LOL! So sad that's a reality on regular servers

      Klaipat GKlaipat G16 dagar sedan
    • Probably ran out of conduit energy.

      colbr06colbr0616 dagar sedan