BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Sound Creation

20 feb 2021
11 261 visningar

The Blizzard sound team provides insight at BlizzCon into how they approached the new zones of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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  • awesome work!

    Andrey GagarinAndrey Gagarin4 dagar sedan
  • Love the music. Very theatrical

    Shokadezz GamingShokadezz Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • Absolute geniuses! ✨

    Diana LeahDiana Leah6 dagar sedan
  • 9:36 Thank you.

    Cuarenta EscudosCuarenta Escudos7 dagar sedan
  • People are leaving this expansion in droves.

    Aleric cAleric c8 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful

    bennyfrostbennyfrost9 dagar sedan
  • Don’t understand people who play with the sound off lol

    DangleplumsDangleplums10 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for your hard work!

    StardustingStardusting10 dagar sedan
  • Arthas & Jaina💔😢

    Mohd iman SaifullizanMohd iman Saifullizan10 dagar sedan
    • @Hristo Pavlov sorry

      Mohd iman SaifullizanMohd iman Saifullizan8 dagar sedan
    • ?

      Hristo PavlovHristo Pavlov8 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 ASMR 🥴🥴

    Adaumis ASMRAdaumis ASMR10 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoyed this. Would love to see more.

    Valkryst12Valkryst1211 dagar sedan
  • Sound design for wow... might be the only corporate job I'd consider. Specially if Modular Synths are involved. Well done team!

    Shape NoiseShape Noise11 dagar sedan
  • Wow has the best most calming soundtracks ever....those guys are really genious.ty for making these great tracks.❤

    V1t3_ N01zV1t3_ N01z11 dagar sedan
    • @realramas I'd go with cata on that one

      Hristo PavlovHristo Pavlov7 dagar sedan
    • @realramas wat

      MarolMarol11 dagar sedan
    • But shadowlands music is worst of all expansions

      realramasrealramas11 dagar sedan
  • City Oribos is most crowded with sounds if you payed attention its amazing

    BenjiBenji11 dagar sedan
  • The sound in this x pack is done so freaking well

    The Experience Of The Life Of Living FleshThe Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh11 dagar sedan
  • Amazing job!!

    Camilo QCCamilo QC11 dagar sedan
  • Sound Designers and game audio enthusiasts, ASSEMBLE!

    Nicholas SquiresNicholas Squires11 dagar sedan
  • You have done something to prevent the diversity of users playing the game. It's crazy to block multibox, not auto programs.

    자연인자연인11 dagar sedan
  • Any idea when patch 9.1?

    XReaperX300XReaperX30011 dagar sedan
    • June

      Hristo PavlovHristo Pavlov8 dagar sedan
    • We arent even in 9.0.5, chill

      TuslayerTuslayer11 dagar sedan
  • Eeeeeeeee

    luchitasluchitas11 dagar sedan
  • More cinematic please

    Prince KuraginPrince Kuragin11 dagar sedan
  • UM YAS OwO

    TreatTreat11 dagar sedan
  • Only TBC matters

    AccelerateAccelerate11 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Hristo PavlovHristo Pavlov8 dagar sedan
    • They will fix this

      lass mich dein Arzt seinlass mich dein Arzt sein11 dagar sedan
  • 1st one woot!

    Master SenionMaster Senion11 dagar sedan
  • Hello

    Wyndell Lee the SpammerWyndell Lee the Spammer11 dagar sedan