BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft Q&A

20 feb 2021
65 692 visningar

Got something you want to ask about Azeroth or the Shadowlands? Join the World of Warcraft development team as they answer community questions about lore, zones, dungeons, raids, and more.
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  • Excellent job by Scott

    mosomo17mosomo172 dagar sedan
  • please just provide some love to the Nightborne. It's one of the coolest races in game in terms of all the story from legion and by far the biggest let-down in terms of character customization.

    C McIffC McIff4 dagar sedan
  • my boy scott 😎

    DankindDankind4 dagar sedan
  • So... no draenei face options any time soon then. Cool.

    Nami HeartillyNami Heartilly5 dagar sedan
  • The hype is real boys

    Shokadezz GamingShokadezz Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • When Ashes of Creation come out?

    RitoRito7 dagar sedan
  • Why is Shadowlands so TERRIBLE??

    Aleric cAleric c7 dagar sedan
  • Basically wait until 9.3 when the expansion will be worth playing, unless you actually care about being ahead of the curve for false prestige and honor.

    AndrewAndrew8 dagar sedan
  • Repair the game, buff rdruid

    Quentin JulienQuentin Julien8 dagar sedan
  • Still no mention of gnome paladins. Doesn't make sense that they live around paladins, and they've been using the light since Cataclysm, but zero gnomes have done paladin training?

    Ricohardt Von PyresRicohardt Von Pyres9 dagar sedan
  • 38:30 TIME TO GET REFOUND!!!! False advertisement!!!

    Breno BazzanellaBreno Bazzanella9 dagar sedan
  • Who is looking forward to classic bfa?

    xei xeaxei xea9 dagar sedan
  • Gnome Druids ION MAKE IT HAPPEN

    Rob BigelowRob Bigelow9 dagar sedan
  • Regarding teldrassil, it's very possible since burnt land tends to sprout healthier and hardier plant life, the tree was on fire but the core of the tree was no doubt left undamaged.

    NazarethNazareth9 dagar sedan
  • Why so many dislikes?

    CaptainDopeCaptainDope9 dagar sedan
  • It's daddy denathrius to you, sir.

    Warchief PeebsWarchief Peebs9 dagar sedan
  • IT IS really annoying to hear other's laughs in the background continuously..... while other is speaking something.

    InnangardInnangard9 dagar sedan
  • Love the Roxtroy

    NaxilusNaxilus10 dagar sedan
  • The really do love them selves dont they????....

    TheMaverickIIITheMaverickIII10 dagar sedan
  • Nightborne need some character customization love, they feel like they are really lacking compared to other races.

    Josh DevineJosh Devine10 dagar sedan
  • Please do something about Armor Clipping with swords on cloaks and tabards with belts etc

    Flynn ThompsonFlynn Thompson10 dagar sedan
  • All hail our lord and savior: Disdik, we praise thee!

    Emile DelahayEmile Delahay10 dagar sedan
  • Get rid of holly

    gsteegstee10 dagar sedan
  • Blizzcon is nothing without Chris Metzen...

    Youtube Emperor of MankindYoutube Emperor of Mankind10 dagar sedan
  • So... When is World of Starcraft coming out?

    urnutsouturnutsout10 dagar sedan
  • The dislikes = entitled spoiled brats

    Knut HamsunKnut Hamsun10 dagar sedan
  • awsome

    Claire PiersonClaire Pierson10 dagar sedan
  • Respawn Artes?!

    ERAIERAI10 dagar sedan
  • Again Artes?!?!?!?!

    ERAIERAI10 dagar sedan
  • Artes😭😓

    ERAIERAI10 dagar sedan
  • Ely looks so tired.

    Conrad MazurConrad Mazur10 dagar sedan
  • I'm concerned that they've decided to go with patch 2.4 for classic TBC class progression given that all 4 arena seasons are now literally conformed to one meta.

    Knife1437Knife143710 dagar sedan
  • So? No real questions answered and the old man in the middle has been doing pod casts since the dawn of time

    Peter SmithPeter Smith10 dagar sedan
  • rip Every Man For Himself

    solofalconsolofalcon10 dagar sedan
  • “Can you tell us more about Denathruis, Sylvanas, Anduin, the Jailer etc???” Why would they reveal information about current major characters? These type of lore questions are seriously dumb.

    eren jaegereren jaeger10 dagar sedan
    • @Max aahaaa

      nemodruidnemodruid9 dagar sedan
    • @nemodruid Because people are interested in the story?

      MaxMax9 dagar sedan
    • why would anyone care in the first place

      nemodruidnemodruid10 dagar sedan
  • Faction balance is top priority to us, rofl...thats why you do absolutely nothing about it for years

    OptikjoeOptikjoe10 dagar sedan
  • Dear Holly, please mute your mic when you're not speaking. The constant nervous, breathy giggles were super distracting.

    Kim ColemanKim Coleman10 dagar sedan
  • I'm not big on being lied to. I'll take my business to FFXIV, thanks all the same.

    Kay LeeKay Lee10 dagar sedan
  • "That's really exciting". Well. No.

    Alexandre BouclyAlexandre Boucly10 dagar sedan
  • Druid bear form from legion .... why not ??

    Pacmon KruzPacmon Kruz10 dagar sedan
    • No. Some things have to be unique. You can’t just do everything being available for everyone for literally nothing.

      Blue TeaBlue Tea10 dagar sedan
  • 🤨 p.s. we ALL NEED Chris Metzen

    MooohMoooh10 dagar sedan
  • *Forums filled about more covenant balance and class balance* “I’ll take this question about how you social distances differently than any one else” 🙃

    ThatGuyKB32 !ThatGuyKB32 !10 dagar sedan
  • The first rule of the worm is: You do not talk about the worm

    brucethenbrucethen11 dagar sedan
  • We really need soloQ in pvp. Sick of lfg

    VoidshiftVoidshift11 dagar sedan
    • @Blue Tea he speaks for the 90% of the playerbase atleast

      RyseFTWRyseFTW8 timmar sedan
    • Don’t speak for everyone

      Blue TeaBlue Tea10 dagar sedan

    supdawgiesupdawgie11 dagar sedan
  • Sad that one of there final questions was pulled from twitch chat, when there were hundreds more questions on the forums, where we were supposed to ask 😆 the Dizdik thing was great! 😆

    Kohelet Calaforex clanKohelet Calaforex clan11 dagar sedan
  • Oh my gosh it's Nash Maggard of the Solar Mines!

    Analicia McGawAnalicia McGaw11 dagar sedan
  • Did that lady eat an edible before this panel or something?

    flowerzflowerz11 dagar sedan
  • Just get rid of raider i'o , im so sick of trying to progress in mythic dungeons and having to deal with higher i'o egos . Im sure im not the only one on this

    deb bakerdeb baker11 dagar sedan
  • Give us tier sets. Focus less on Thorgast.

    PeterHSPeterPeterHSPeter11 dagar sedan
  • They forgot to mention the word "fun"...

    Michael MirsadeghiMichael Mirsadeghi11 dagar sedan
  • Dude that giggling makes me go INSANE! Geez.

    MJ_TvMJ_Tv11 dagar sedan
  • 20:50 - Just get rid of Horde/Alliance hard locks. Let Alliance/Horde do raids and dungeons together. The only way your going to get people to swap is by massively breaking alliance racials which shouldn't and won't be done. Some people just hate the horde asthetics, and vice versa. Let people play what they want with whoever they want.

    GamerFlairGamerFlair11 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Garosh? he was in cinematic for Ravendreath.

    Stefan DjurdjevicStefan Djurdjevic11 dagar sedan
    • “Nothing planned”, like everything else that matters, probably...

      Sweet LieSweet Lie10 dagar sedan
    • Revendreth*

      Santi PerezSanti Perez11 dagar sedan
  • Holy please stop chewing - that lips noise should be used for tormenting souls in revendreth/thorgast, "holy mother of good" ...

    Sandi PanjEtaSandi PanjEta11 dagar sedan
  • Remember to dislike the video.

    VelaethiaVelaethia11 dagar sedan
  • Always talk about giving players "more and more" however, the anima limitations make it hard to get covenant gear for your character, let alone Alts. Their statements dont make sense sometimes.

    Zesar75Zesar7511 dagar sedan
  • Nice collection of questions providing good insight Thank you

    Zenov KayosZenov Kayos11 dagar sedan
    • you forgot the "Kappa"

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
  • So no SoloQ yet, eh?

    SilbeonSilbeon11 dagar sedan
  • Can you fire the mouth breather that kept "lol"

    McBain WoWMcBain WoW11 dagar sedan
  • So 0% about arthas? what was the point of that whole animation still barely touched in game

    Dank VibesDank Vibes11 dagar sedan
    • @Pr0nzehEDITS Bluther threw him in the maw

      GODGOD11 dagar sedan
    • When did we see arthas?

      Pr0nzehEDITSPr0nzehEDITS11 dagar sedan
  • *smacks lips*

    OvendodgerOvendodger11 dagar sedan
  • And my question about guild towns(housing) or...really anything for guilds...isn't here :(

    Hot CoffeeHot Coffee11 dagar sedan
    • Guild Towns / Halls won't ever happen :(

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
  • More customization THIS EXPANSION or no sub. Spread the word!

    Og NargualOg Nargual11 dagar sedan
  • Still no tier sets

    DeFauxDeFaux11 dagar sedan
  • Blizzard don't want another "Aprils fool" incident, so now they just hand pick's non critical questions or make up their own, pretending that it's actually what the fans want to know.

    ZaberZaber11 dagar sedan
  • I'm more excited about TBC

    Stephanie BroadwaterStephanie Broadwater11 dagar sedan
  • Great job Scott!

    Denny Henderson-WilsonDenny Henderson-Wilson11 dagar sedan
  • Fake questions

    McBain WoWMcBain WoW11 dagar sedan
  • Poor Ely the Art Directory looks like he has done 5years worth of extra hours. Hope you guys pay him enough...

    DenizDeniz11 dagar sedan
  • No new customizations? That's going to cost 'em.

    Dread, the Mad SmithDread, the Mad Smith11 dagar sedan
  • Watching the Q&A doing my stuff not noticing anything strange* Comments: "wHy dOeS sHe GiGglEs sO mUcH?! urr durr"

    HHitoKHHitoK11 dagar sedan
    • @choji nope, didn't hear anything. Maybe it's worse on headphones?

      MuffinsMuffins11 dagar sedan
    • so you didnt hear the constant breathing into the mic?

      chojichoji11 dagar sedan
  • cool

    Daniel AlbrechtsenDaniel Albrechtsen11 dagar sedan
  • why do people not give game companies any slack anymore during this pandemic? why can't you all just stop being such crybabies?

    martin mcdowellmartin mcdowell11 dagar sedan
    • because corporations and people working there are not our friends, they are paid for doing their job and under hazzikostas it's worse and worse imho

      GrandAdmThrawnGrandAdmThrawn11 dagar sedan
    • Because they are worth billions of dollars. Which is more money you could ever fathom, therefore, the performance and things they put out should be on par with their worth.

      BrauBrau11 dagar sedan
  • So Flying will be time gated by waiting for your new renown levels to go up?

    CloudCloud11 dagar sedan
    • @STEFI, LORD OF SMUGNESS which will probably be locked behind max renown

      Виталий СозоновВиталий Созонов10 dagar sedan
    • What I've understood not max renovn but finishing the covenant campaign achivement + some new in the patch.

    • yes but that takes very little effort esp compared to rep grinding

      G SG S11 dagar sedan
  • My question was not answered!

    PaMeLa N.PaMeLa N.11 dagar sedan
    • What was your question?

      Santi PerezSanti Perez11 dagar sedan
  • 18:10 Except Area-52

    Garret HeathermanGarret Heatherman11 dagar sedan
  • Do we have the Sigil of Maldraxis? is it in the runeblade???

    Apakuki VaveApakuki Vave11 dagar sedan
  • nNduin is the son of Arthas just let it happen already

    Evolution deniers are full of bullshitEvolution deniers are full of bullshit11 dagar sedan
  • Most useless q&a of all time

    Nick ZaniniNick Zanini11 dagar sedan
  • Any updates on Warcraft 3 reforged being fixed?

    iZack HazeiZack Haze11 dagar sedan
    • they want you to forget.

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
    • The game is pretty much following the footsteps of HotS, too bad for doing so they killed the original WC3 wich was still being played by some

      Alessandro SeverinoAlessandro Severino11 dagar sedan

    HodengHodeng11 dagar sedan
  • This Comments show the Toxic WoW Community...

    ProjectAyumiieProjectAyumiie11 dagar sedan
    • Image people cheer em up or be fine on getting ignored or be fine on em giggle to some questions... Then again pull out the usual super safe questions nobody care

      Alessandro SeverinoAlessandro Severino11 dagar sedan
    • ok corporation shill

      GrandAdmThrawnGrandAdmThrawn11 dagar sedan
  • Worst Q&A yet.

    Youtoob celery jason genovaYoutoob celery jason genova11 dagar sedan
    • @The Sinners Gate WoW Q%A's in general are almost all the time of no substance or any relevance.

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
    • Believe it or not, there are worse. Ever seen the Legion or WoD Q&A’s? Those were disgusting

      The Sinners GateThe Sinners Gate11 dagar sedan
  • Question: When are you going to fix faction balance? Holly: **giggles**

    Bill RiessBill Riess11 dagar sedan
    • THE MOUTH NOISES! *Dies*

      Pluvia UmbraPluvia Umbra7 dagar sedan
    • Its really distracting The breathing and giggling the whole time

      LoveSweet CharityLoveSweet Charity9 dagar sedan
    • "lol fake news"

      BignattyBrubz hueBignattyBrubz hue10 dagar sedan
    • Literally says anything Holly: **giggles**

      wtf is thatwtf is that11 dagar sedan
  • Seriously who picked these questions? Nothing about raid, m+, class balance etc. Instead only lore questions that no one cares about

    MichaelMichael11 dagar sedan
    • @ProjectAyumiie No, clearly some care. But Blizzard clearly ignored some harder hitting questions. Don't you think that people that play the game seriously should also get to ask some questions?

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
    • Aah yes. So if you dont care it means no one care? Good to know :)

      ProjectAyumiieProjectAyumiie11 dagar sedan
  • Shadowlands is awesome. Good work

    David JamesDavid James11 dagar sedan
  • soloQ?

    MorgwicMorgwic11 dagar sedan
  • This is the most boring q&a ever

    Emi RaducanEmi Raducan11 dagar sedan
  • What happened to more CGI cinematics!!!!

    Kasey LKasey L11 dagar sedan
    • @Ky van Rae Well alliance didn't ever matter anyway

      Alex GrăjdanAlex Grăjdan11 dagar sedan
    • no major announcements this year so not worth it

      DHDH11 dagar sedan
    • There is no horde dominated story, so GCI cinematics are unimportant for (horde) Blizzard

      Ky van RaeKy van Rae11 dagar sedan
  • how is it every year these questions get worse even though they are the same.....

    Evani CollectsEvani Collects11 dagar sedan
  • but they didn't know Anduin and had no reason to trust him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this storytelling is laughable.

    Patrick FFPatrick FF11 dagar sedan
  • 6:45 BC transfer 12:00 Class Customization in wow 14:30 work from home 19:30 is the Archon fine? 20:50 faction imbalance 25:50 BC name reeservation? 27:00 server Merges 31:15 Anima account wide? 32:30 Sire denathrius just chilling? 35:15 Heritage armor 36:20 auction house mobile? 38:30 Character customization 40:55 flying requirement shadowlands 43:10 BC class tuning 44:50 new torghast anima powers? 47:10 Shadowlands Azeroth time dilation? (Lore) 48:45 10 man content 50:05 summoning stones in BC 50:48 what is bolvar up to? 52:00 BC PvP 53:50 Tepdrassil return 55:10 classic servers and layering 56:45 how to get wandering ancient?

    Shawn AnstonShawn Anston11 dagar sedan
    • Tepdrassil is my favourite zone

      eren jaegereren jaeger9 dagar sedan
    • SEworld Algorithm

      DramnDramn10 dagar sedan
    • Thank you mate!

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson10 dagar sedan
    • not all heroes wear capes

      Silent Shadows TBC Rogue CommunitySilent Shadows TBC Rogue Community10 dagar sedan
    • Can this have more likes? Tyvm ❤️

      KandschwarKandschwar10 dagar sedan
  • Any PvP?

    Chef DoomChef Doom11 dagar sedan
    • PvP players always get shafted, you should be used to it by now :/

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
  • Snooze questions

    TheCrookTheCrook11 dagar sedan
  • its actually amazing how they managed to not answer any interesting or controversial question like "What about PvP Solo Q or the obv. broken LFG System? What about being able to swap covenant abilities without having to have 2 characters of the same class if you want to play different roles? What about the PvP Imbalance?". Instead we get Lore questions and questions about the mobile auction house. Amazing

    SlayzorSlayzor11 dagar sedan
    • chat was FULL of "SOLO Q?!", it was literally a f***ing wall and they just... ignored it.

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
    • what is broken about lfg?

      Miłosz MajchrzakMiłosz Majchrzak11 dagar sedan
  • Arthas 2.0?)

    Торин Дубощит Король под горойТорин Дубощит Король под горой11 dagar sedan
  • Brian Birmingham looking like he accidentally showed up on the stream and smiling hoping nobody figures out.

    Gokibro SGokibro S11 dagar sedan
    • lol

      mSamSa11 dagar sedan
  • Ty for nobody timestamping your all useless!

    Alex MartinAlex Martin11 dagar sedan
    • Why don't you do it then if everyone else is useless?

      GorshunGorshun11 dagar sedan
  • So.... no more character customisation, right?

    Hugo Carlos Testino ValeroHugo Carlos Testino Valero11 dagar sedan
    • They already added customization that make no sense and goes strictly opposite to the lore. Enough. They better concentrate on other things.

      Shaha manShaha man10 dagar sedan
    • @G S Just because you don't doesn't mean everyone doesn't. Let me guess, all you want is more content, so enjoy your additional mind-numbingly boring layers of Torghast.

      Yvaine AnwellYvaine Anwell10 dagar sedan
    • @Sir Salamence No they dont

      G SG S11 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Most people who care about the game do

      Sir SalamenceSir Salamence11 dagar sedan
    • Seriously WHO CARES

      MichaelMichael11 dagar sedan