Trust the Process vs Hamsters & Hares | Lower Quarters | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3

13 feb 2021
12 259 visningar

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Trust the Process vs Hamsters & Hares
Lower Quarters | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3
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  • wana skip the boring talk ? Game 2 8:10 game 3 17:00 game 4 23:38 game 5 34:40

    Icelandic Car ModsIcelandic Car Mods16 dagar sedan
  • Why was this match disputed? Saw that on the bracket

    Nick ShermanNick Sherman17 dagar sedan
  • why is there a roblox doll in the miniature

    Miguel-GAMEMiguel-GAME18 dagar sedan
  • I think DMachine is a rude and overbearing. Doesn't know his place. The other people are more professional, and he's calling people nerds, just comes off insecure and arrogant. miss pro announcers. Get him out

    more coffeemore coffee18 dagar sedan
    • Ahhh did he hurt your feel feels with his words

      AxlAxl17 dagar sedan
    • @obrovský mozek Some truth in what you are saying, but I think Eiya actually politely called him out on the nerd thing. I dont care about the nerd comment. In general, the guy comes off like a douche and Ziqo needs to just come back. People like him are a different calibre imo

      more coffeemore coffee18 dagar sedan
    • I don't like his commentary, Ziqo have 100 times more awareness, but honestly, how sensitive are you? These days you can't say ANYTHING, because some sensitive snowflake wierdo-crybaby will be triggered. "just comes off insecure" are you projecting bro? What a weird times... Everyone is so weak and sensitive, everyone takes everything so serious, everyone take themselves so serious. Dark humor will die, well humor in general will die, because snowflakes will try eliminate everything, which conflicts with their personal opinions.

      obrovský mozekobrovský mozek18 dagar sedan
  • Lost to a seed OMEGALUL

    lord of flieslord of flies18 dagar sedan
  • rmp in 2021 omegalol

    Marco SkyilandMarco Skyiland18 dagar sedan