OTK vs Trust the Process | Upper Quarters | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3

13 feb 2021
23 943 visningar

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OTK vs Trust the Process
Upper Quarters | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3
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  • Some people in the comments desperately trying to explain why Trust the Process got annihilated when it was a simple case of one team being completely out of the other's league.

    OpoOpo14 dagar sedan
  • As a Death Knight I went Venthyr for PvE but would love to use Abomination Limb in PvP / Arena. LET ME PLAY WITH ALL THE COOL SPELLS YOU ADDED WHY AM I LOCKED IN

    Recoil MojoRecoil Mojo14 dagar sedan
  • Otk sucks

    Alkart the MasterAlkart the Master14 dagar sedan
  • They wanted a WW/DK but not this WW/DK - that quote defined the series

    Robert FugateRobert Fugate17 dagar sedan
  • Yeah man WW is so balanced well done OTK truly outskilled your opponents for years man grip into stun, well done huge mechanical plays how do you guys grip into sweep is there something I am missing? Change your team name to two buttonz

    CaliLockCaliLock17 dagar sedan
    • U mad?

      OpoOpo14 dagar sedan
  • Geez their whole comp just slaps meme burst.

    PricePrice18 dagar sedan
  • only time mage is not picked in awc, and they easily win in 5 mins

    Aluneth MasterAluneth Master18 dagar sedan
    • @flowerz yeah but what i meant stands

      Aluneth MasterAluneth Master14 dagar sedan
    • Did u not watch?? One team was running enh sham warrior. Ur comment is objectively false.

      flowerzflowerz16 dagar sedan
  • mes always out here just breaking the meta running glacial advance, dual wielding and making it all work in awc

    CalderaCaldera18 dagar sedan
  • I really respect the RMP tho

    hoodrichreedhoodrichreed18 dagar sedan
  • man... this game is like 3 professional boxers are fighting 3 kids 10 years old. First they took away rogue's damage, now they took away rogue's cc... what's next blizzard? maybe just delete rogues from the game?

    Sergey TertichniySergey Tertichniy18 dagar sedan
    • Rogues are still plenty strong. Trust the Process was simply the inferior team here.

      OpoOpo14 dagar sedan
    • @Programmer 47 man... issue is not fleshcraft. issue is orc + sefuz and nercolord 15%shield atomatically procing on low hp. Example: - normal cheap shot - 4 sec, allows you to use 3 abilities and another stun, leaving no gaps in stunlock (cheapshot-shadow strike-shadowstrike-eviscerete-cheapshot/kidney for example). - orc + sefuz cheap shot: 2,8 sec, allows you to use maximum 1 ability if you dont want to leave gaps (cheap shot - shadowstrike -cheapshot), if you try to use second ability - there will be 0,2sec gap for target to use deffensive... therefore it takes away 60% of rogue dmg in stunlock. also you cant use a single dmg ability futher, coz second cheap shot will only be 1,4 sec instead of 2...

      Sergey TertichniySergey Tertichniy18 dagar sedan
    • Rogue still has plenty of cc. They just got rolled, and the use of fleshcraft to avoid cc has a lot of skill expression.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
  • GOOD dmg mdd more nerf mage))) Sarcasm)

    Soul PaladinSoul Paladin18 dagar sedan
  • And dont tell me WW monk isnt broken.

    Ava PowellAva Powell18 dagar sedan
  • Watching TWD is like watching Khabib fighting. You already know who is going to win and it makes it boring af

    Eimantas GladkauskasEimantas Gladkauskas18 dagar sedan
    • @Programmer 47 wow, cool story. Thank you so much

      Eimantas GladkauskasEimantas Gladkauskas18 dagar sedan
    • You're clueless. OTK has been the ONLY ww/dk in every single NA and EU AWC cup in shadowlands. If you "already know who was going to win," more people would play it... but literally only OTK does.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
  • This Rogue must be learn how to play rogue. Zero help to team mate when he under presure and what is that vanish dude 16:20 wtf is that. Waste of skills

    Bakican BoydaşBakican Boydaş18 dagar sedan
    • Agreed. There were quite a few instances where he made me say, "What the heck is he even DOING!?" out loud.

      OpoOpo14 dagar sedan
    • @Programmer 47 yes

      Bakican BoydaşBakican Boydaş17 dagar sedan
    • I'm sure you're just an amazing rogue who competes at the pro level.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
  • And dont tell me WW monk isnt broken.

    Khazz GWAKhazz GWA18 dagar sedan
  • i like how you @world of warcraft made thumbnail. Hover over mouse and you see OTK win, great spoils

    Shaun MilflerShaun Milfler18 dagar sedan
  • rmp in shadowlands. Oof.

    fluf0fluf018 dagar sedan
    • Still very strong comp. Oof. Learn other comps and people won't stack triple necro and 2 sephuz. Oof.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
    • Good! Its too boring

      who ?who ?18 dagar sedan
  • Should probably nerf rogues.

    Joseph ElhaddadJoseph Elhaddad18 dagar sedan
  • Where is Ziqo?

    Sam LebbSam Lebb18 dagar sedan
    • I think he wasn't feeling well so dmachine covered thisnweek

      Ronny VenoRonny Veno18 dagar sedan
  • Lord Mes rolling

    beeman4266beeman426618 dagar sedan
  • Dang, Mes poppin off 🔥

    MethodMethod18 dagar sedan
  • Is disc viable? Watching AWC i have impression that only class would compete with holy pala is resto shammy.

    dragonkamdragonkam18 dagar sedan
    • @My Inbox more like the top 0.01% :p always some discs on top of the 3v3 ladder

      martin barthmartin barth18 dagar sedan
    • Pala >>>>>>>>>> Disc/Rsham >>> Rdruid/Hpriest >>>>>>>>>>>>MW

      kraakelolkraakelol18 dagar sedan
    • I mean they made it to top 4 as rmp so for the average player from 0-glad I'd say disc is viable but for the top 1% it just does not have the mana to compete

      My InboxMy Inbox18 dagar sedan
  • where was ZiQ? and why replace him with a chubby guy with zero charisma?

    Anthony IAnthony I18 dagar sedan
    • Ziqo posted something on twitter regarding his health, so I think he wasnt able to cast unfortunately

      Crotes1990Crotes199018 dagar sedan
  • When you see the video is only 20 minutes, you already know what happened here.

    Deej KeithanDeej Keithan18 dagar sedan
  • nerf rogue

    ScylluTVScylluTV18 dagar sedan
  • disc priests mana is balanced

    Fat CookFat Cook18 dagar sedan
    • He has to heal quadruple the damage. Look at the scoreboard ffs. Of course he is going oom. Anyone would trying to heal that.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
  • imagine actually playing a priest, what a moron

    Obviously Better Than YouObviously Better Than You18 dagar sedan
  • Man good for the ORG they are nice people

    Jesse ShermanJesse Sherman18 dagar sedan
  • What’s this team doing in awc are they 1k rated

    Joker 11Joker 1118 dagar sedan
    • I don't know man, they seemed pretty bad. Apparently there are levels to Shadowlands PvP. Who would have thought.

      Jorge JansonJorge Janson18 dagar sedan
    • I think its more what the casters said, TDP playing only one comp, OTK just came with great answer for RMP that all. Answer... more like full counter...

      dragonkamdragonkam18 dagar sedan
  • this is just every 2s and 3s game for me too. disc is useless if a fight is longer than 3 mins bcuz oom

    Lake SublimeLake Sublime18 dagar sedan
    • Considering that Mes was doing more than the entire enemy team's damage combined, let alone trills damage on top of it, why are you surprised he's oom? He has to heal at least quadruple the damage.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
    • At least disc can even play in tournaments.

      gringoboy701gringoboy70118 dagar sedan
  • Resto Sham mana is next on the nerf list for healers now that hpal is nerfed

    Samuel DallaireSamuel Dallaire18 dagar sedan
  • What is this discount Ziqo doing? He has NO idea whats going on

    Chr RChr R18 dagar sedan
    • Imagine not knowing who Dmachine is and saying he doesn't know what's going on.

      Jacob ShawJacob Shaw18 dagar sedan
    • WoW tournaments wouldn't exist without him pretty much.

      BananaRaccoonBananaRaccoon18 dagar sedan
    • Dmachine now works for the Blizzard esports team, but he started GCDTV which was basically running community arena tournaments for years. He is a huge influence in pvp arena being spectated the way it is now. He may not be super high in arena (though probably a lot higher than your average player), but you have to respect the man for all the work he's done. It looks like he also stepped in last minute to replace Ziqo who was ill or something for this stream.

      MalenkyMalenky18 dagar sedan
  • Kalvishhhh you should've go with your One shot build .. Jk keep it up man

    Karsty404Karsty40418 dagar sedan
  • OTK are just BEASTS!!!!

    Mike WMike W18 dagar sedan
  • I havent played since MoP but I mained a rest shaman and a blood/frost DK, so im rooting for OTK. LET'S GO!!!

    Mike WMike W18 dagar sedan
  • Why is there a roblox logo on a wow tournament thumbnail...

    OrthussOrthuss18 dagar sedan
    • Why do you have a pepe as your profile picture?

      Claus LarsenClaus Larsen18 dagar sedan
  • Love to see RMP losing. I hate that comp. Not fun to play against, even when you win.

    WhiiteWhiite18 dagar sedan
    • Holadin crying about RMP with a disco priest. :D I have enough. :DDD Keep your hatred for your class. RMP alteast must to do clean cc chains and setups to win, they must create opportunities to win, they have limited time to win because of a disco mana, meanwhile, you just faceroll instant heals, ccs, sacrifice and dmg with your braindead class :D I think, that less and less ppl care about B-tier comp RMP, who was raped by everyone in AWC, but everyone cares about holadin, arms and fire, who are spammed almost every match.

      obrovský mozekobrovský mozek18 dagar sedan
  • Trust the Process is a motto often used by the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA

    vindrawanvindrawan18 dagar sedan
    • The Arena team logo is literally basketball too lmfao

      MaxtraMaxtra18 dagar sedan
  • why play a comp that requires cross cc when you can just grip people in and aoe them with 2 abilities lmao

    Clean PlaysClean Plays18 dagar sedan
    • @Vindico they can't win because they're a one trick pony team with only 3 members.. so going triple necrolord and stacking sephuz is gg. Ww/dk is their bread and butter comp. It has been for 3 years now, and they're the best walking dead *in the world*. Notice how no one else plays it? They've been the only ww/dk in all shadowlands tournies.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
    • @Dimitar Boichev exactly. So why is he bitching and downplaying their performance, since you're conceding they're pros, and he's not? The point flew over your head, bud.

      Programmer 47Programmer 4718 dagar sedan
    • @AlphaDwg That doesn't matter... what matters is that RMP couldn't won no matter how good they were.

      VindicoVindico18 dagar sedan
    • Like yeah that looked busted into RMP bc it’s a hard counter but just watch tomorrow and see when they play against a hpal/warrior/mage. Much more broken and easy to play.

      EroEro18 dagar sedan
    • ​@Dimitar Boichev It's not only their job, they are one of the best players in the world. You can't compare your job to this, unless you're one of the best at it in the entire world. Don't act like if you put effort and years of work you'll play like them, it's possible, but very very unlikely.

      SergioSergio18 dagar sedan
  • OTK are such bosses! Mes is a GOD! Cdew is the Immortal Dad! Trill is a Speed Demon!

    Scott EdwardsScott Edwards18 dagar sedan
  • One sided and amazing

    OpposeOppose18 dagar sedan
  • MES & TRILL do u guys maybe chill lil bit?! This dmg is INSANE!

    Sergey DevSergey Dev18 dagar sedan
  • OTK!

    TrogzarTrogzar18 dagar sedan
  • You guys are clueless. The changes are a joke. Nobody cares about anima, nobody cares about upgrading stats, non retroactive VP is a spit in the face.

    Phuk HyutoobPhuk Hyutoob18 dagar sedan
  • It's just a phrase. Casters trippin.

    EntropyEntropy18 dagar sedan
    • Yes but itx well known because of the Philadelphia 76ers

      John WJohn W18 dagar sedan
  • wow OTK slapping

    BenBen18 dagar sedan
  • Love you Xiuni :)

    victoria catervictoria cater18 dagar sedan
    • she should git gud

      jeff230394jeff23039417 dagar sedan