Golden Guardians vs Spacestation Gaming | Week 1 - Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit

21 mar 2021
26 749 visningar

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@Golden Guardians vs @Spacestation Gaming
Week 1 - Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit
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    Radostina StoyanovaRadostina Stoyanova18 dagar sedan
  • Fix mc bug!

    LazatikLazatik18 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    LazatikLazatik18 dagar sedan
  • Lixo de jogo

    Igor SantosIgor Santos19 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ!!

    Rengar HeimerdingerRengar Heimerdinger19 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ

    ArutinaArutina19 dagar sedan
  • Just recently quit wow, played since vanilla. Game design is just not tolerable. PvP is completely broken.

    Dustin PackardDustin Packard20 dagar sedan
  • Give us solo q

    mon tidimon tidi20 dagar sedan
  • SSG competes in Warcraft and Smite? Wow.

    Wise FerretWise Ferret20 dagar sedan
  • need better better nameplates..cant even tell who is on which team with all the colorful nameplates

    MrYangstar007MrYangstar00721 dag sedan
  • solo q

    Geek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW VideosGeek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW Videos21 dag sedan

    SurtaxéSurtaxé22 dagar sedan

    Moreno WerMoreno Wer22 dagar sedan
  • Solo. Queue. Please.

    Danny PoelsDanny Poels22 dagar sedan
  • 15:22 What is the big mistery of that fireball combustion into instant cast crits? Fire mage.

    Diogo RessurreiçãoDiogo Ressurreição22 dagar sedan
  • Lets be honest. The reason spacestation gaming lost is because eminem wasn’t behind them! THE MOVE!

    Rehan AhmedRehan Ahmed22 dagar sedan
  • So many pros quitting. Maybe Blizzard should be putting money into the PVP fixes we need rather than flooding the CEO with another $200 million.

    Justin EricksonJustin Erickson22 dagar sedan
    • @Justin Erickson many of them getting banned too

      Mark AndersMark Anders21 dag sedan
    • @Kelsey Maitland never said to fire the CEO.

      Justin EricksonJustin Erickson22 dagar sedan
    • @Justin Erickson Not their CEO. Their CEO can fire them, but they can't fire the CEO of Activision/Blizzard. That's now how it works.

      Kelsey MaitlandKelsey Maitland22 dagar sedan
    • @Kelsey Maitland they have control over firing employees that could better the game now don't they

      Justin EricksonJustin Erickson22 dagar sedan
    • They literally cannot control that. You think blizzard can suddenly rip their CEO's contract up and tell him he doesn't get that money? It's a cute thought but they literally have zero control over that.

      Kelsey MaitlandKelsey Maitland22 dagar sedan
  • The move

    RekAdyRekAdy22 dagar sedan
  • THE MOVE!!

    Hermes ManciniHermes Mancini22 dagar sedan

    PoisonieerPoisonieer22 dagar sedan
  • WoW Devs please fix the gearing system

    ??????????????????????22 dagar sedan
    • @Geek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW Videos you complain about druid heals?!

      JilfJilf19 dagar sedan
    • and please fix pvp in general. no more corny one shots or druids doing 7 billion auto heals in bearform

      Geek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW VideosGeek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW Videos21 dag sedan
  • the move

    Yacine AmriYacine Amri22 dagar sedan
  • What happened to goreki?

    nicholas harrisnicholas harris22 dagar sedan
    • @trualways911 tbh they weren't performing that well this season even with gorecki still on the team lol.

      Neji513Neji51322 dagar sedan
    • @Solderan TV now sure why but he will be missed in wow pvp. Hella chill dude in his pvp videos.

      trualways911trualways91122 dagar sedan
    • @trualways911 Do you know why he quit? was it money and school and stuff like that? And he fully quit WoW?

      Solderan TVSolderan TV22 dagar sedan
    • He quit wow so they had to replace him with another healer. It just shows how good he was, now that his team fell off the map since he quit.

      trualways911trualways91122 dagar sedan