Cloud9​ vs Charlotte Phoenix | Week 2 Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit

28 mar 2021
10 860 visningar

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Cloud9​ vs Charlotte Phoenix
Week 2 Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit
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Cloud9 : Chanimal, Wealthyman, Kubzy, Snutz
Charlotte Phoenix : Korlic, Nick, Burn, Aang
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    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo8 dagar sedan
  • Snutz just goes for dampening always hes playstyle is so boring any tournament should just ban snutz for the sake of excitement

    Alexander RoseAlexander Rose14 dagar sedan
    • You see his total damage in the series 🤦🏻‍♂️

      ShawnShawn12 dagar sedan
  • So sick of Mage/Hpally

    tazzieboymantazzieboyman15 dagar sedan
  • Nothing better seeing Jahmilli lose rofl

    CriticalCritical15 dagar sedan
    • @Ruckus sure not

      ekornfuglekornfugl15 dagar sedan
    • @ekornfugl jah isn't even top 3 for mage

      RuckusRuckus15 dagar sedan
    • Jah is banned from AWC and replaced by Aang. 2 of the best mages not playing this tournament is kinda sad. Blizz gone crazy.

      ekornfuglekornfugl15 dagar sedan
    • Isnt jah banned from awc?

      SerenSeren15 dagar sedan
  • Insane first game by Nick

    Xuèn FlorentXuèn Florent15 dagar sedan