BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft: Making of the Wandering Ancient Mount

19 feb 2021
104 774 visningar

Ride along with the World of Warcraft team at BlizzCon as they explore the process of building the community-chosen Wandering Ancient mount.

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  • well done

    Lethalioz LTZLethalioz LTZ5 timmar sedan
  • The girl on the intro looks like she's on the brink of tears

    DDx16DDx16Dag sedan
  • 8:56 thats mount hyjal?

    Hadzu KyonHadzu Kyon2 dagar sedan
  • cant wait for it to come in game im so happy it looks cool cant wait to ride it good job blizzard art team.

    Kelly JohnstonKelly Johnston5 dagar sedan
  • Good god the audio is terrible in parts of this video. Come on Blizzard, useable audio isn't that hard to do.

    Patrick SalterPatrick Salter5 dagar sedan
  • when do we get to have the wandering ancient mount?

    NightyNighty6 dagar sedan
  • 한글자막 엉뚱한거 달아놨네. 블리자드 코리아 처맞을래요? Fake Korean subtitle

    김동현김동현7 dagar sedan
  • Druids.... You better use this mount.

    Monkey D. GarpMonkey D. Garp7 dagar sedan
  • This is why Blizz is the best. Their art is second to none.

    Dax FrostDax Frost7 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Blizzard Team for all :)

    knirpsiknirpsi8 dagar sedan
  • Nonsense

    J YoJ Yo8 dagar sedan

    Xander JonesXander Jones8 dagar sedan
  • This looks so good Great job guys :)

    The Experience Of The Life Of Living FleshThe Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh8 dagar sedan
  • TreeLimbsTreeLimbs8 dagar sedan
  • my best voice by MICHAEL HILL, but it's sound crazzy without effects (^_^)

    Flarbord VDRFlarbord VDR9 dagar sedan
  • Awesome work keep on!

    Stevan SerdarStevan Serdar9 dagar sedan
  • Maravillloso equipo de trabajo!

    Relatos de AzerothRelatos de Azeroth9 dagar sedan
  • Great vid, art team great like always

    Alvaro GonzalezAlvaro Gonzalez9 dagar sedan
  • "Player agency and player choice" Neither of which are in SL.

    Tristan MilnerTristan Milner10 dagar sedan
  • meh

    KaiserKaiser10 dagar sedan
  • Ich freue mich auf das Mount

    SnibbelzSnibbelz10 dagar sedan
  • Love love love this

    JamesinberkoJamesinberko10 dagar sedan
  • Great job!!!! Thanks all 👏👏👏👏😃✨

    Filiphe OliveiraFiliphe Oliveira10 dagar sedan
  • Can we get this mount before flying is unlocked. Once flying is unlocked i'll barely use ground mounts again.

    BlinkXIIIBlinkXIII11 dagar sedan
  • It would’ve been cool to see our player standing and holding on like pippin in lord of the rings.

    King ZootKing Zoot11 dagar sedan
  • 한국어 자막을 다른 영상 자막을 넣어놨어요

    하태린하태린11 dagar sedan
  • Looks awesome! WoW Art team is just absolutely amazing!

    CloudCloud11 dagar sedan
  • Big mount? Cant fit through doors? Just like the groncle mount? Yay!!!

    Arthas KingArthas King11 dagar sedan
  • So when do we get this to use in game?

    Rico AlmeidaRico Almeida11 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to love riding this on my druid in moonkin form

    joshua lincksjoshua lincks11 dagar sedan
  • How disappointing. The community chose this over all the other cooler options. More disappointing, it's mount special probably doesn't make it burst into flames.

    Magic2729Magic272911 dagar sedan
    • What did you vote for?

      Lady in redLady in red11 dagar sedan
  • @5:39 jorah mormont has entered the chat

    TheGreenRangerTheGreenRanger11 dagar sedan
  • "sound effects included"!

    novas001novas00111 dagar sedan
  • release date?

    liQuidliQuid11 dagar sedan
  • and many player choose wrong the tree was by far the worst choice of the whole set

    Sour ManSour Man11 dagar sedan
    • What did you vote for?

      Lady in redLady in red11 dagar sedan
    • Your name fits you well~

      TheHokkaidogaijinTheHokkaidogaijin11 dagar sedan
  • There taking the gnomes to Oribos!

    Garrosh GamingGarrosh Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • 05:39 hahahahahaha

    Playing MetalPlaying Metal11 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for sharing this, an amazing mount.

    Björn HjorthBjörn Hjorth11 dagar sedan
  • oh this will look good for my druid

    JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??11 dagar sedan
  • r.i.p little caterpillar, you are not forgotten

    Iris SimplerIris Simpler11 dagar sedan
  • does anybody knows when we will be able to get it?!

    Rigby 890Rigby 89011 dagar sedan
    • Q1 2021

      RivertamRivertam11 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Blizzard

    ZyanHDZyanHD11 dagar sedan
  • When do we get it?

    Krongus BlungKrongus Blung11 dagar sedan
  • but here's the big question When do we get this magnificent mount?

    TheChoujinVirusTheChoujinVirus12 dagar sedan
  • The art team is so amazing, great job guys ♥️

    MadisonMadison12 dagar sedan
  • Fix Reforged before having the audacity to announce another Remaster ... to cashgrab on nostalgia

    Oliver HoffmannOliver Hoffmann12 dagar sedan
    • these guys are not in charge of that lol

      EVERZONEEVERZONE11 dagar sedan
  • Okay, but mounted combat when?

    FateyZedFateyZed12 dagar sedan
  • This ones for Teldrassil.

    NateNate12 dagar sedan
  • That mount represents the art team and it is carrying most of WoW on its back.

    AlucardAlucard12 dagar sedan
    • Couldn't agree more. This was literally my first thought.

      MrStokesMrStokes8 dagar sedan
  • WHERE GET??!!?!

    havingicecreamhavingicecream12 dagar sedan
  • Will this be an alliance only mount? We Horde players don’t do very well with trees after all 😂

    Alexander MayenAlexander Mayen12 dagar sedan
    • You burned down my tree house!

      cujoedamancujoedaman10 dagar sedan
  • That face is the stuff of nightmares, my god.

    EurekEurek12 dagar sedan
  • the art team on wow is the best of the best! every time. Next is the voice and sound team!

    side_ spinside_ spin12 dagar sedan
  • looks good, doesnt fly, will just be used to block post boxes and quest givers

    UncleJackOnlineUncleJackOnline12 dagar sedan
  • but when is it in the game?

    John McKayJohn McKay12 dagar sedan
  • epic job lads and lasses!

    Jarl BeastmanJarl Beastman12 dagar sedan
  • This is so great, we need more mounts like this! So... However..... €20 only in the shop?

    ArseizationArseization12 dagar sedan
  • Will this be out prior to 9.1? If not the problem is everyone will be flying, and you will not be able to use it in the Maw.

    Kaleookalani BosqueKaleookalani Bosque12 dagar sedan
  • so mcconnel was part of art team .

    Harold TandeoHarold Tandeo12 dagar sedan
  • Like for kitty... and the mount.

    catrinastarscatrinastars12 dagar sedan
  • Another store mount Inc lol

    V SyrjänenV Syrjänen12 dagar sedan
  • More stuff ripped off Lord of the rings.

    Scotty JScotty J12 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, you know... that's how tropes work.

      Victor ZimmermannVictor Zimmermann12 dagar sedan
    • @Victor Zimmermann copy and paste.

      Scotty JScotty J12 dagar sedan
    • How dare fantasy games use fantasy tropes...

      Victor ZimmermannVictor Zimmermann12 dagar sedan
  • The art team is amazing, you all made this expansion truly fantastic, beautiful and magical. Thank you!

    SMatSMat12 dagar sedan
  • when do we get it?

    IlluzionOnTheBeatIlluzionOnTheBeat12 dagar sedan
  • This moment when the easiest to make and Crapiest look like mount winns ...

    Ke PeKe Pe12 dagar sedan
  • Very pretty. Will it also change the color of the leaves according to the seasons like the pet? Or will there be x different versions of this mount?

    benehobeneho12 dagar sedan
    • they said it would change colors @ 7:55

      JohamanJohaman11 dagar sedan
  • For anyone who’s says blizzard no longer cares about the game you’re insane, you see it in their faces, their eyes how much they truly love what they do

    je BAITEDje BAITED12 dagar sedan
    • Blizzard definitely cares, it's Activision that doesn't

      James BerridgeJames Berridge12 dagar sedan
    • That's total non sens dude, ofc the artists, the devs and all the team that have nothing to do with "Blizzard doesn't care anymore" are passionated people.

      Neorg LerenardNeorg Lerenard12 dagar sedan
    • Those who make the art assets and the music still have passion, but I'm not sure about the game designers.

      Oldenword BooksOldenword Books12 dagar sedan
  • 10 minutes of saying "we watched the lord of the rings and pretty much just did that"

    murmurrrrmurmurrrr12 dagar sedan
  • When are we getting the mount ?

    GhoulyGangGhoulyGang12 dagar sedan
    • when

      HexedCatHexedCat11 dagar sedan
  • Take my money!!

    ScoobyScooby12 dagar sedan
  • Just take my money and give me the mount

    Adam StrattonAdam Stratton12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you!

    ly konghengly kongheng12 dagar sedan
  • Epic twist: they will release ground mount after unlocking flying in 9.1 👌

    Alican KIRICIAlican KIRICI12 dagar sedan
    • @Thành Phạm Duy or Fae dust

      Mark M.Mark M.12 dagar sedan
    • Joke on you, this mount will be able to fly with magical wings

      Thành Phạm DuyThành Phạm Duy12 dagar sedan
  • Very nice to see people working from home, nice work in those conditions

    Thomas ZindyThomas Zindy12 dagar sedan
  • Could we please see actual gamemaster gameplay pleeeaassee

    poliois backpoliois back12 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for supersized gammon to block me on this mount

    jazzthedudejazzthedude12 dagar sedan
  • esta horrible esa montura

    Adrian Garcia SilvaAdrian Garcia Silva12 dagar sedan
  • Looks amazing thank you guys and gals for this gift.

    DaxkorDaxkor12 dagar sedan
  • 와 음성이 저렇게 만들어지는군요

    김도형김도형12 dagar sedan
  • very cool!

    Taylor MeiklejohnTaylor Meiklejohn12 dagar sedan
  • Good job👍🏾

    King UlyssesKing Ulysses12 dagar sedan
  • This made me awkwardly emotional for some reason.

    SheppieboiSheppieboi12 dagar sedan
    • Me too.

      Fulm'En MoonFulm'En Moon11 dagar sedan
    • hahaha, same

      Grand PaladinGrand Paladin12 dagar sedan
  • 31 people did not vote for the Ancient.

    Teddy PetersonTeddy Peterson12 dagar sedan
  • This is the content we love

    C Gr00veC Gr00ve12 dagar sedan
  • McConnell YEP

    EntropyEntropy12 dagar sedan
  • and everyone kept saying it was going to use the gronn or infernal skeleton model lol

    Aaron OliverAaron Oliver12 dagar sedan
  • delightful ! now give us the other three !

    Thou SandThou Sand12 dagar sedan
  • Pray for grub

    Leonardo GabrielLeonardo Gabriel12 dagar sedan
  • Русские субтитры отстой.

    Nik SherstnevNik Sherstnev12 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of the 2 hobbits riding the ent on lord of the rings: the two towers.

    Christian M.Christian M.12 dagar sedan
  • This nerubian mount looks strange

    Chips from outer spaceChips from outer space12 dagar sedan
  • Simply Amazing

    Chris DofferChris Doffer12 dagar sedan
  • Let it catch on fire.

    ThromashThromash12 dagar sedan
    • Sylvanas loyalist, maybe? ;-)

      AstraneaAstranea12 dagar sedan
    • /mountspecial

      AlexanderThePupAlexanderThePup12 dagar sedan
  • Big applause for all the folks who worked on this.

    Darth PhaydeDarth Phayde12 dagar sedan
    • @Tami Urquizo yes he is

      RoseBerryRoseBerry7 dagar sedan
    • Thats my uncle the one who did the first one

      Tami UrquizoTami Urquizo11 dagar sedan
    • Thank you :)

      Josh MillerJosh Miller12 dagar sedan
  • The blizzard art team is top-notch

    TheGhibligeekTheGhibligeek12 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward for WALK OF THE ENTS!!!!

    Bjørn-Harry Aakre KolstadBjørn-Harry Aakre Kolstad12 dagar sedan
    • From Mount Hyjal all the way down to Feralas.

      Nightstalker314Nightstalker3146 dagar sedan
    • @Bjørn-Harry Aakre Kolstad Too late we're calling it that!

      metalbeast99metalbeast999 dagar sedan
    • @Jarl Beastman cant call it that, copyright... its not lotronline ;)

      Bjørn-Harry Aakre KolstadBjørn-Harry Aakre Kolstad12 dagar sedan
    • March of the Ents....

      Jarl BeastmanJarl Beastman12 dagar sedan
  • The answer to the Question "When is it out" Today the blizzard site states Q1 2021 which means sometime before March 31st.

    wolfwolf12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks! That's nice to hear.

      mSamSa12 dagar sedan
    • @Ataxie Hopefully

      Mark M.Mark M.12 dagar sedan
    • Probably 9.0.5

      AtaxieAtaxie12 dagar sedan
  • is it out today?

    wolfwolf12 dagar sedan
  • What is that echo

    lorddomigonlorddomigon12 dagar sedan

    Fajar SetiawanFajar Setiawan12 dagar sedan