Cloud9 vs OTK | Upper Final | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3

14 feb 2021
22 148 visningar

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Cloud9 vs OTK
Upper Final | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3
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  • Please make a separate channel for mdi/ arena and stop spamming the feeds of everyone else who just doesn't care

    Shazza KipShazza Kip16 dagar sedan
  • No arms warrior no win baby.. WW is trash compared

    MrsRandomMadeMeDoItMrsRandomMadeMeDoIt16 dagar sedan
  • intervene and combustion... I see nothing wrong here ... ffs

    CoollerCooller17 dagar sedan
  • No arms warrior no win.

    HeyYO YOHOHeyYO YOHO17 dagar sedan
  • So sad to watch the same comps every week, mage warrior/monk + hpala, this season even though i thought is fine for the 1st in the expansion, is utter garbage

    TardeliTardeli17 dagar sedan
  • While dk doesnt have execute, like warr, monk, dh, hunter, and mobility as those 4, it'll be a weak cast as it is now too

    Péter SchmidtPéter Schmidt17 dagar sedan
    • @kraakelol DK isn't that great when pillar ain't up. And if anything, these games again show how easy it is to dodge chill streak. I'd like an execute on my frost dk, and I don't mean some 6 sec ''he might be below 35 or he might not be'' execute.

      Marcel GolsteijnMarcel Golsteijn14 dagar sedan
    • @Péter Schmidt I've mainly played TSG on my DK.

      kraakelolkraakelol16 dagar sedan
    • @kraakelol What comp do you play? I am hard struggling with my dk:( Some matches enemy warrior starts with 20k condemn. Against priests and dh i sit in mind control, banish and aoe stun. I cant kill a healer with a monk, cuz everytime disarm, root, stun, disorient and they burst through my IBF😢. I nearly cant reach 1600 on 2v2 cuz enemies on this mmr are far more geared. From 210 ilevel to 220. I dunno they paid for rating boost or anything.

      Péter SchmidtPéter Schmidt17 dagar sedan
    • It's not weak at all right now, but OK. The other specs don't have AMZ, AMS, grip, blind, ranged kick, ranged slows, stun break, delirium/heart stop, aoe blind etc. Naming things one spec has that others doesn't is easy. If you don't like that over mobility, play DH/monk..:-) I'm enjoying DK, and on ladder pugging to 2.4k I've found much more success on DK than my DH.

      kraakelolkraakelol17 dagar sedan
  • Repair the game. Buff rdruid.

    Quentin JulienQuentin Julien17 dagar sedan
  • They should nerf chill streak *cough* *cough*

    Pierre WolmaransPierre Wolmarans17 dagar sedan
  • dmachine is such trash listening to him stammer is just annoying. i do not like his presence on the broadcast, ziqo is infinitely better doesnt even need to be said. is ziqo returning or whats his status? not interested in tuning in to any more content featuring this dmachine guy, its so bad i feel embarrassed for the guy. its NOT good

    nod onednod oned17 dagar sedan
    • I agree. Venruki and Supatease could have done it by themselves.

      BreatheableBreatheable16 dagar sedan
    • I really enjoy listening to him, he's a good guy and does the job very good. You are a low life hater, take a hike, boomer.

      miRS _#miRS _#17 dagar sedan
    • Kick rocks man. Dmachine did fine, to hate on him so much is inappropriate and extremely rude.

      Evan MEvan M17 dagar sedan
    • Bro. He was just falling in for ziqo for the weekend since he was sick. Whats your issue? Wtf man. Hating for something very minor. Geez..nerd

      T mT m17 dagar sedan
    • "Back from doc he thinks it's the same disc that collapsed before and its pressing on my sciatic nerve, got some prescribed painkillers and he said if the condition doesn't improve in a week he'll send me in for a MR scan. Gotta do physio aswell when the pain is lower, overall"-ziqo

      DefocusDefocus17 dagar sedan
  • the fleshcraft kick to lock out from using AMZ kinda exploded my brain

    Ben LuppiBen Luppi17 dagar sedan
    • @xChachio Oh for sure dead 100%, I just never connected the dots that fleshcraft was shadow thus locks out amz. love learning little nuance like that. like the other day, as WW/Warr/Hpal vs WW/Enh/Disc, i karma'd the other WWs karma while the Enh had counterstrike totem up and mind games ticking. you tell me which way the damage is directed ;)

      Ben LuppiBen Luppi16 dagar sedan
    • Do people not realize mes was running small AMZ? Trill is dead there 100% even with AMZ. Mes was running chill streak/heartstop/delerium. That’s why he went for the double blind out of the lockout instead of zone.

      xChachioxChachio17 dagar sedan
  • It makes me believe that the advantage of monk is running fast

    小折折鳶一小折折鳶一17 dagar sedan
  • poor sham just doesnt have cds in pvp man

    JaaggJaagg17 dagar sedan
  • Once otk figures out this matchup they will be unstoppable. But they are hardddd stuck rn

    xChachioxChachio17 dagar sedan
    • @xChachio they're kinda getting farmed by ww/boomkin as well, and they don't look too good against mage/boomkin. several comps they're struggling with.

      Neji513Neji51316 dagar sedan
    • @Neji513 mage/war mage/ww

      xChachioxChachio17 dagar sedan
    • define "this matchup" because this wasn't the only matchup they struggled with lol... boomkins seem to wreck them as well

      Neji513Neji51317 dagar sedan
  • first

    Lee ChurchillLee Churchill17 dagar sedan