AWC SL Circuit | Week 1 Day 2 Full VOD

21 mar 2021
187 477 visningar

The first week of the AWC Circuit is here and the very best of the best have been working hard to qualify and prepare for each series. Tune in and see Azeroth's fiercest gladiators clash for glory!
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AWC Circuit Match Schedule (Sun)
(1) Skill Capped vs (6) Blast Wave Bros
(2) Method EUvs (5) Creed
(3) Cowana Gaming vs (7) Tegridy Damp
(1) Method NA vs (4) Charlotte Phoenix
(2) OTK vs (3) Cloud9
(5) Hamsters & Hares vs (7) Unitas
(6) Golden Guardians vs (8) Spacestation

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  • Nerdrage looks like the kinda guy who yells alot

    Dangerously BasedDangerously Based7 dagar sedan

    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo8 dagar sedan
  • The sportsmanship of creed is awesome

    SwiftySwifty11 dagar sedan
    • what sportsmanship? they were literally just waiting for their cds lol.. they could care less about zunni's bars.

      Neji513Neji5135 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    m3i m3im3i m3i14 dagar sedan
  • PPL need to stop yapping about solo q's. Bliz can't even get random bgs set up correctly. Get some friends to play with.

    Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan15 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ

    AlphaAlpha17 dagar sedan

    nice Qnice Q18 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    LazatikLazatik18 dagar sedan
  • Mages Mages Mages Mages Mages... :/

    Isam CuadraIsam Cuadra19 dagar sedan
  • Wonder what happened to jahmilli and gorecki

    The BradyThe Brady20 dagar sedan
  • Wonder what happened to jahmilli and gorecki

    The BradyThe Brady20 dagar sedan
  • why is ziqo standing up so much?

    StewieStewie20 dagar sedan
    • He has some back issues. Even stopped casting one week because it was really bad.

      araharah19 dagar sedan
  • Solo q

    Steadyst8Steadyst820 dagar sedan
  • You would think Blizzard would put in the time of the matches for us viewers, but nope they lazy. Just like how they're lazy with development.

    J YetanJ Yetan20 dagar sedan
    • But not with letting employees go, they put effort into that

      spykeex69spykeex6920 dagar sedan
  • 2:53:20 they dont even know who Arthas dad is 💔

    Fernando OrtegaFernando Ortega20 dagar sedan
    • Who cares about warcraft lore? Especially in pvp community?

      HospHosp18 dagar sedan
  • Ven the guy that loves drake but cant admit it on camera

    john gomezjohn gomez21 dag sedan
  • So much cringe 😬

    Kevin WorleyKevin Worley22 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ

    Kyle HKyle H22 dagar sedan
  • SOLO Queue

    Branval LindormBranval Lindorm22 dagar sedan
  • watching mage/priest games is the most booring thing ever

    sa yesa ye22 dagar sedan
    • No 😂

      Django JansenDjango Jansen22 dagar sedan
  • locks are in terrible situation vs melee atm.

    agnarzbagnarzb22 dagar sedan
    • Not when you play destro frost

      EntropyEntropy21 dag sedan
  • Creed ftw. True sportsmen they are.

    agnarzbagnarzb22 dagar sedan
  • Solo queue with balanced ilvl please

    TacSav253TacSav25322 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    Richard McCullaghRichard McCullagh22 dagar sedan

    At LuiAt Lui22 dagar sedan
  • What no have live chat?

    ioverqtioverqt22 dagar sedan
  • Solo q

    Joel CJoel C22 dagar sedan
  • Gief us rated solo queue blizz please

    Christopher KlapprothChristopher Klapproth22 dagar sedan
  • Eiya: what was that sound? Supatease: * Leg tapping intensifies *

    Bakugo KtskiBakugo Ktski22 dagar sedan
  • Solo q

    Benjamin LockhartBenjamin Lockhart22 dagar sedan
  • Solo q. Also good to see rmp doing good. Tired of warrior, mage and ret warrior. Legit people are retiring monk XD

    Solem VowSolem Vow22 dagar sedan
    • After 3 expansions of rmp and lock spam you "tired" of warrior and ret? Joker kek

      Vagner DamacenoVagner Damaceno20 dagar sedan
  • Mooooooooooooooooooo!

    Chhma CatChhma Cat22 dagar sedan

    M. V.M. V.22 dagar sedan

    M. V.M. V.22 dagar sedan
  • RIP Cdew. MLD is gross

    Mango GeniMango Geni22 dagar sedan
    • There's 1 team that plays it, one team that pulled out the frost mage. Anyone else was on alts and almost never played it before.

      BurglerHobbitBurglerHobbit22 dagar sedan
  • what happened to Jahmilli , Ratapai and Raiku?

    Shane FreemanShane Freeman22 dagar sedan
    • @sami kokko why?

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based7 dagar sedan
    • Jahmilli and Raiku banned from tourneys

      sami kokkosami kokko18 dagar sedan
  • Solo queue

    Tinc AwesomeProTinc AwesomePro22 dagar sedan
  • What is this camera angle? Can't see the actual game but health bars

    Jonathan ChurchJonathan Church22 dagar sedan
    • Yeah its awful they should just pick someone and show their perspective

      SerenSeren22 dagar sedan
  • Soloq is for the bads who don’t want to put in the work

    Ulises RoldanUlises Roldan22 dagar sedan
    • And by work you mean scrolling endlessly in the group finder and then logging off with zero games played

      AustinAustin21 dag sedan

    wormwood 7wormwood 723 dagar sedan
  • Soloq

    FllooyhzFllooyhz23 dagar sedan