BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft Spotlight

19 feb 2021
22 136 visningar

Discover what awaits the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance in a roundup of the big World of Warcraft and WoW Classic news, panels, and events during the first day of BlizzConline.
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  • That was awesome to see the people behind the voices.

    Steve DuncanSteve Duncan9 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me of was this blizzcon super underwhelming

    Peter SmithPeter Smith10 dagar sedan
  • Fix Reforged before having the audacity to announce another Remaster ... to cashgrab on nostalgia

    Oliver HoffmannOliver Hoffmann12 dagar sedan
  • Dev huh , that key turns ingame, ROFL

    Dawgg E. BiscuitsDawgg E. Biscuits12 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for year 2045 to play classic shadowlands ;-;

    JeckJeck12 dagar sedan
  • @/wc3reforgedneverforget

    PeonPeon12 dagar sedan
  • Blizzard fait du recyclage et tout le monde trouve ça génial. C'est normal ?

    BanthralBanthral12 dagar sedan
  • Omg shadowlands update the hype is real !!!

    Ken HKen H12 dagar sedan
  • Insert people thinking they’re being clever talking about WoD classic.

    ElEl12 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait wod classic!

    naali Rnaali R12 dagar sedan
    • Last expansion for classic should be wotlk. But of course whether they actually will keep going or not depends on what rolls out more money for them.

      blood and gutsblood and guts12 dagar sedan
    • Shadowlands classic when

      blood and gutsblood and guts12 dagar sedan
    • Don’t forget BfA!

      Maria MMaria M12 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for mist of panderia an then wod then legion an omg bfa! Yes!

    Sgt Frank WoodsSgt Frank Woods12 dagar sedan
    • Classic ends with Wrath

      Brian KelloggBrian Kellogg11 dagar sedan
    • After LK this will end. We all know that

      real4oreal4o11 dagar sedan
    • rip BFA

      KTBL GamingKTBL Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • Bonsamdi is the best Loa, atleast in terms of comedy.

    Gamelord06Gamelord0612 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for TBC. Shadowlands has absolutely no appeal

    INeedAboutTreeFittyINeedAboutTreeFitty12 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for WoD classic

    JohnyFeenixJohnyFeenix12 dagar sedan
    • Eww

      INeedAboutTreeFittyINeedAboutTreeFitty12 dagar sedan
    • its gonna be epic! Garrisons here we come again!

      jalbert kingjalbert king12 dagar sedan
  • It was awful.

    RepublicanManRepublicanMan12 dagar sedan
    • yea retail was resident sleeper. TBC IS POG THO

      Pickle ChinPickle Chin12 dagar sedan
  • Fourth.

    Santi PerezSanti Perez12 dagar sedan
    • @jalbert king Okay, nice.

      Santi PerezSanti Perez12 dagar sedan
    • first!

      jalbert kingjalbert king12 dagar sedan
  • Cool!

    KRiddytooKRiddytoo12 dagar sedan
  • Yay?

    VladVlad12 dagar sedan
  • First

    kajzarkajzar12 dagar sedan