Method EU vs Skill Capped EU | Upper Final | AWC Shadowlands EU Cup 3

14 feb 2021
17 805 visningar

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Method EU vs Skill Capped EU
Upper Final | AWC Shadowlands EU Cup 3
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  • wait a minute i thought ret was unstoppable broken 1 shot class how come there are no rets in the finals?

    Timothy MurrayTimothy Murray16 dagar sedan
    • @MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt more rets, more ele/enh, more boomkin and feral. ret's not broken and most of the pro players agree that it isn't broken. it saw more representation than before, yet didn't win jack. meanwhile, rogue/mage has been cranking TBC and nobody bats an eyelash.

      Timothy MurrayTimothy Murray16 dagar sedan
    • Yep fire mage and ret pala is def the two most broken specs in the game.. Alot of pros still prefer to play the teams they have more practice with. Alot of rets in the AWC, more rets than we have ever seen.

      MrsRandomMadeMeDoItMrsRandomMadeMeDoIt16 dagar sedan
  • Miss Ziqo

    falsenhiisfalsenhiis16 dagar sedan

    NubRustyNubRusty17 dagar sedan
  • Love that Whazz brings out a new build using darkshadow for sub

    Unspoken WoWUnspoken WoW17 dagar sedan
  • Where has Eiya's hairline gone?

    BreatheableBreatheable17 dagar sedan
  • 4:00 meteor and flamestrike during duel.

    Fenixz FilipFenixz Filip17 dagar sedan
  • the new commentator acts like a teenager. please replace him with someone a little more mature

    Yonatan ShenhavYonatan Shenhav17 dagar sedan
    • @Kai Naik he was unwell this weekend and took the weekend off.

      zwabTheRealOnezwabTheRealOne16 dagar sedan
    • What happened to ziqo?

      Kai NaikKai Naik17 dagar sedan
  • 1 shot build sub rogue...

    wowwow17 dagar sedan
  • if u didnt notice whaazz was running the 1shot build for sub rogues, given he had only 1 dance those games :)

    Lentjan PjeciLentjan Pjeci17 dagar sedan
  • OMG the best RMP of the world

    esteban ventoesteban vento17 dagar sedan
  • Elsőő

    DJ KrumpliszelőDJ Krumpliszelő17 dagar sedan