AWC SL Circuit | Week 1 Day 1 Full VOD

20 mar 2021
200 334 visningar

The first week of the AWC Circuit is here and the very best of the best have been working hard to qualify and prepare for each series. Tune in and see Azeroth's fiercest gladiators clash for glory!
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Week 1 - Saturday - March 20
(7) Tegridy Damp vs (8) Ad Hoc Gaming
(3) Cowana Gaming vs (4) Reload Esports
(5) Creed vs (6) Blast Wave Bros
(1) Skill Capped vs (2) Method EU
(3) Cloud9 vs (5) Hamsters & Hares
(1) Method NA vs (7) Unitas
(4) Charlotte Phoenix vs (8) Spacestation
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  • Ppl who spam solo q have lack of basic common sense.. come on now.. ever do random bgs? where you literally get 4 tanks and no healers. Find friends, please.

    Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan17 dagar sedan

    nice Qnice Q18 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    LazatikLazatik18 dagar sedan
  • lol

    AyiteAyite20 dagar sedan
  • Protein shake cleave

    BudgieBudgie22 dagar sedan
  • Solo q

    Richard McCullaghRichard McCullagh22 dagar sedan
  • Wow way to hang in there blast wave bro's great match! (3:35:00) ish)

    iLL PHiLiLL PHiL22 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ

    Frank EvansFrank Evans23 dagar sedan
  • solo Q. its 2021. come on.

    Geek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW VideosGeek Stomper - Worlds Cringiest WoW Videos23 dagar sedan
  • solo q

    Robert GRobert G23 dagar sedan

    AskiAski23 dagar sedan
  • Dislike for firing esports staff. Burn down blizzard

    Christopher BooneChristopher Boone23 dagar sedan
    • To the 🌙!

      BurglerHobbitBurglerHobbit22 dagar sedan
  • Is that Supetease

    AlijamaruAlijamaru23 dagar sedan
    • Does the name say who it is?

      jayw900jayw90020 dagar sedan
    • The bald guy underneath the name Supatease? Yes, that's Supatease.

      EntropyEntropy23 dagar sedan
  • well ret 100% getting nerfed after the Reload series lol.

    Matthew GarnerMatthew Garner23 dagar sedan
    • Tbh they're the only spec that really should be toned down burst wise and my buff there constant damage.

      Ivica BanovicIvica Banovic22 dagar sedan

    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo23 dagar sedan
    • @Nick play better, plz

      Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan17 dagar sedan

      NickNick21 dag sedan
  • The ret/warrior mirror matchups were so fun to watch.

    EroEro23 dagar sedan
  • Buff feral bleeds hello?

    Mohammad AlTerkaitMohammad AlTerkait23 dagar sedan
  • Why does the current meta feel so much like Wotlk era? Wizard cleave variations, WMPal, affliction locks...

    Klynx22Klynx2223 dagar sedan
    • Wotlk was great.

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based18 dagar sedan
    • beastcleave when

      Damon CarverDamon Carver22 dagar sedan
  • Слава Украине

    crx qtcrx qt23 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q ?

    TheMikeADNTheMikeADN23 dagar sedan
  • First??

    I made you read thisI made you read this23 dagar sedan