OTK vs Cloud9 | Week 1 - Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit

21 mar 2021
21 403 visningar

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OTK vs Cloud9
Week 1 - Day 2 | AWC SL Circuit
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  • Solo Q. And "Destro + Frost + Druid is the only viable destro comp" (quoted from Dreamnyasha).

    Edgy RhinxEdgy Rhinx15 dagar sedan
  • Solo Q

    LazatikLazatik18 dagar sedan
  • Fear sheep fear sheep. So fun to watch. -_-

    Drones52Drones5219 dagar sedan
  • Supatease could just mute his mic so we don't have to listen him screeching OOUUEEOOUUUUOOOOOHHHH every time someone dips low or dies

    BrandonBrandon19 dagar sedan
  • OTK is the White Goodman of orgs.

    Mr. BarlowMr. Barlow20 dagar sedan
  • Ye keep buffing lock and mage , they too squishy . Nerf DK they are too strong they have ams , it absorbs an immolate . No joke lol Numbers of people playing this game are going drastically down lol

    M HarariM Harari21 dag sedan
  • With the immense amount of slow and root from the frost mage, what is the logic behind going Unholy DK here? Would frost dk not be more beneficial against this particular setup?

    AndersAnders21 dag sedan
  • Pathetic 2melees comp...😢

    jonathan chamjonathan cham21 dag sedan
  • BUFF DK!!!!

    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo22 dagar sedan
  • kubzy insane player

    TwonìuTwonìu22 dagar sedan
  • dampeninnnnnnnnnnng wizards

    SOHRAB CHSOHRAB CH22 dagar sedan
    • first game - 2% dampening, third - 0%

      milexmilex21 dag sedan
  • "The Dampire is back and North America begins to shriek. " "mooo..."

    more coffeemore coffee22 dagar sedan
    • funny because the first and last match didn't even make it to dampening lol

      Neji513Neji5135 dagar sedan
  • PS_ good point about the lack of ANY demon hunters in the game. THE ONLY CLASS MISSING. How can you make them THAT unviable?

    more coffeemore coffee22 dagar sedan
    • lol you think you have problems... try to get on the ladder with demo lock.

      Quintin den hartogQuintin den hartog21 dag sedan
    • lol like its smth bad ....

      Sn0rlakSn0rlak22 dagar sedan
  • They should've picked warriror and press condemn

    wizbizwizbiz22 dagar sedan
  • OMG Blizzard, nerf destro instantly again in PVPV. We all told you we dont want this cancerous destro meta again. go detroy it again!

    c ehc eh22 dagar sedan
  • Please nerf casters

    berk denizberk deniz22 dagar sedan
  • Damp9 is back, yay!

    Qi ChenQi Chen22 dagar sedan
  • Back to BFA lol

    Peter xuPeter xu22 dagar sedan
  • MLD ? its shadowlands or lich king ?

    Lautaro TomasLautaro Tomas22 dagar sedan
    • its wow)

      And MatAnd Mat22 dagar sedan
    • Shadow

      edson vasquezedson vasquez22 dagar sedan
  • SoloQ

    ??????????????????????22 dagar sedan
  • Great... another season gonna be run and ruined by wizard cleaves. Snooze fest of running away with broken mobility and slows.

    MetasMetas22 dagar sedan
    • The first and last game were extremely quick for pro play.

      tBtB22 dagar sedan

    DalkionnDalkionn22 dagar sedan
  • 03K

    Malte SreMalte Sre22 dagar sedan
  • Asmonbald

    Padi MationgPadi Mationg22 dagar sedan
  • F for OTK... Man

    J0NB11O6J0NB11O622 dagar sedan
  • First

    Maimun UddinMaimun Uddin22 dagar sedan