Cloud9 vs Method NA | Final | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3

14 feb 2021
32 605 visningar

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Cloud9 vs Method NA
Final | AWC Shadowlands NA Cup 3
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  • Nerds. Nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen on SEworld.

    SuperBuzz71SuperBuzz7112 dagar sedan
    • You tell em

      Nijos254Nijos254Dag sedan
  • DH-less teams go BRRRRrrrrrrr

    R.A.R.A.15 dagar sedan
  • ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    TheOreoMachineTheOreoMachine15 dagar sedan
  • All 3 of the male commentators are so awkward around Eiya lol

    Tom TreherneTom Treherne15 dagar sedan
    • At some point, might it be the female that is awkward?

      Sleezy ClipsSleezy Clips14 dagar sedan
    • how so?

      Rodrigo TaboadaRodrigo Taboada15 dagar sedan
  • Literally every game Kubsy gets full mana drinks off and they win...

    Hamish FalconerHamish Falconer16 dagar sedan
  • can someone tell me what weapons drake is using??

    Daniel SandersDaniel Sanders16 dagar sedan
  • I cant stand it, its brain not BRIAN cmon mannnnnnnnnnnn

    Ryan StewartRyan Stewart16 dagar sedan
  • I always found this dynamics very boring... dispite all the variiety possible. Nice Try..

    wasserbesser ツwasserbesser ツ16 dagar sedan
  • Please make a separate channel for mdi/ arena and stop spamming the feeds of everyone else who just doesn't care

    Shazza KipShazza Kip16 dagar sedan
    • Just turn off notifications....

      mori yukimori yuki15 dagar sedan
  • THIS IS NOT WHAT PVP LOOKS LIKE ON LIVE. Either make the AWC casting UI blizzard basic so new players know what they are getting into, or update in game UI to be similar to the AWC casting UI basically showing a false product......

    sincog nasincog na16 dagar sedan
    • Are you being serious?

      Nijos254Nijos254Dag sedan
  • Supatease looking like (O_O ) ( O_O)

    Daniel CooperDaniel Cooper16 dagar sedan
  • Fire mage/Holy Pala every game... Fun to be a survival hunter and mistweaver this expansion with the on point balancing!

    kraakelolkraakelol16 dagar sedan
  • drake da goat

    adam Madam M17 dagar sedan
  • Back to back to back 🙌 Great performance from the new team GG & wp to C9

    MethodMethod17 dagar sedan
  • I see Wealthyman has not recovered from the burn inflicted by Pika

    Konstantinos PetrakisKonstantinos Petrakis17 dagar sedan
    • @Spike Gamer go watch Pika's vid , commenting on their match

      Konstantinos PetrakisKonstantinos Petrakis15 dagar sedan
    • What burn

      Spike GamerSpike Gamer15 dagar sedan
  • 90% of teams ran pala+mage. Sure hope blizzcon next week got some good news or this will get boring real fast

    Fat CookFat Cook17 dagar sedan
    • well last cup was only monk so

      xusein spaxievxusein spaxiev14 dagar sedan
  • what expansion is this?

    Winefredo SailesWinefredo Sailes17 dagar sedan
    • @Ero Did you take that as a personal attack? Don't you like disaster movies? I still like good PVP, but not the grind and that I have to play 2-4 hours every day just to not fall behind, double that if you want alts... It's just not worth my time... if there was a server that was similar to what Arena-Tournament was with WotLK content I would maybe still play, but the gear balance is terrible and I don't expect it being fixed

      RoikedRoiked15 dagar sedan
    • @Ero lmao

      flowerzflowerz16 dagar sedan
    • pala + mage expansion

      pompeyladopompeylado16 dagar sedan
    • @Roiked yet here you are watching.

      EroEro16 dagar sedan
    • good question, no idea, I quit a month ago...

      RoikedRoiked17 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see the variety of healers used in this tourney

    brad dillonbrad dillon17 dagar sedan
    • Warriors also this expansion are not so great maybe buff comming?

      john agrigiannisjohn agrigiannis16 dagar sedan
    • Are you new here? It’s been this way since the beginning of wow...

      flowerzflowerz16 dagar sedan
  • Repair the game. Buff rdruid.

    Quentin JulienQuentin Julien17 dagar sedan
    • no

      HPHP16 dagar sedan
  • hpal/fire mage babeee

    Alec FluegemanAlec Fluegeman17 dagar sedan
  • Once a team wins a cup they should be qualified for blizzcon and shouldn't have to participate on the next one. As a viewer, it's very monotonous to see the same team win every single cup. If Blizzard is actually trying to push esports, this is something they should seriously consider. Every EU final is between the same 2 teams, and the last 4 NA finals have been utterly dominated by this same team that clearly is far and wide the best team in NA. It would be nice if we actually got to see some of the other teams that aren't making it to the top 8. I know some of those teams have excellent players as well, but that's never going to happen as long as you have the same few teams dominating. The same thing happens in sports. Trophies and awards lose prestige and fans lose interest in them if the same players/teams keep winning them every year. Think about it. This needs to change.

    Max JrMax Jr17 dagar sedan
    • @kraakelol he didn't mention banning?

      lambey 611lambey 61116 dagar sedan
    • Banning the best teams from tournament play? You must be trolling... So if you are the best you get denied prize money and tournament practice?

      kraakelolkraakelol16 dagar sedan
    • Great idea

      Elliot LilikesElliot Lilikes17 dagar sedan
    • So true I’ve stopped watching them really.. I’m from eu and I feel like every month or two months there’s the same exact tournament with the same exact two teams playing and it’s boring it’s just repeated

      AimeeAimee17 dagar sedan
  • mage looks always good in these fights, because nobody plays shaman dk or twd and train him for 10 minutes lol if you play into 3v3 normally you WISH you would get mirrors like these as mage, its way less stressful than playing vs enh/retri/resto druid or simply the walking dead

    Aluneth MasterAluneth Master17 dagar sedan
    • @kraakelol link me the match where twd or turbo loses to rmx or hpala/mage/warr

      Aluneth MasterAluneth Master9 dagar sedan
    • Not true

      flowerzflowerz16 dagar sedan
    • @Aluneth Master What do you think happened to them, when these two pala/mage comps are in the finals?:-D

      kraakelolkraakelol16 dagar sedan
    • @Motivation Mike the only twd ive seen 3-0 rmp

      Aluneth MasterAluneth Master17 dagar sedan
    • They tried in cup 1 and a bit in cup 2 but got dominated in this meta.

      Motivation MikeMotivation Mike17 dagar sedan
  • Blizz plz fire supa

    BonesawsBonesaws17 dagar sedan
    • I signed in just to dislike this comment

      xtremetoastymadnessxtremetoastymadness14 dagar sedan
    • @Shae Hill This right here

      Bakugo KtskiBakugo Ktski16 dagar sedan
    • Blizz plz find this guy's account and ban him forever. How dare you say something like that about the goat commentator

      Shae HillShae Hill16 dagar sedan
    • Supa hard carries this broadcast idk what youre talking about.

      EroEro16 dagar sedan
    • Why? Because he doesn’t play the electric keyboard behind him, ever? Fair enough

      Veti VerVeti Ver17 dagar sedan
  • big fan of the healing variety

    NezzzeeeNezzzeee17 dagar sedan
    • @mbag012 Don't forget ret paladin

      Flip StarFlip Star16 dagar sedan
    • Comments are always kinda funny, especially those from all the

      Felix GöhlerFelix Göhler16 dagar sedan
    • @MimiPin I think buffing every other healer is a slippery slope back into BFAs dampening meta. Most other healers are decent and can survive with CDs well Disc and shamans anyways. Buffing I think the only healer that really needs a buff is MW and druids. Other wise paladins could definitely use a nerf. Shadow lands pvp is really fun right now bringing every healer to paladins level would make it much more boring I think

      Shae HillShae Hill16 dagar sedan
    • Holy pala is only well rounded healer. In this burst meta holy is only balanced healer. Buff all other healers to deal with the retarded burst meta not nerf the only healer doing fine.

      MimiPinMimiPin16 dagar sedan
    • @mbag012 disc priests are good for 2 mins then oom

      Fat CookFat Cook17 dagar sedan
  • First

    PerfectDark XPerfectDark X17 dagar sedan