AWC Shadowlands Cup 3 | NA Top 8 Full VOD

13 feb 2021
209 111 visningar

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  • The worst pvp in the all history of the wow. Congratz, Blizz.

    Gustavo MenezesGustavo Menezes9 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait to see Pika in the 1500 bracket to make himself feel better

    Dangerously BasedDangerously Based14 dagar sedan
  • Why does khawaii keep changing their name? Lol

    Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan15 dagar sedan
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    Volcanoo FFVolcanoo FF15 dagar sedan
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      Hary HaryHary Hary15 dagar sedan
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      Mehdi BouazizMehdi Bouaziz15 dagar sedan
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      free fire 10free fire 1015 dagar sedan
  • where is ziqo?

    michael dietzmichael dietz16 dagar sedan
  • What i caught from this stream: - you can annihilate warlocks in melee through all their cooldowns if you can manage any uptime and their cooldowns are irrelevant to you if you are a warrior. - cdew is just an amazingly efficient healer (he basically had like 80% mana at the end of each game) - what‘s a demon hunter? - oh, it‘s a mage, a pally and a warr, i guess i do the same - brian - rmp hardcounter: edgelord shield - being different and reeeeeeeeeeally good means you still lose to 100% meta if the others are reeeeeeeeeeally good too.

    20000plus Rpm20000plus Rpm17 dagar sedan

    ClaymoreTheGreatClaymoreTheGreat17 dagar sedan
  • Question: Who’s Brian?

    RilohuntRilohunt17 dagar sedan
    • A liberal dog

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based15 dagar sedan
  • Hmm getting confess when the casters say she then he then back to she then back to he...which one is it?!?!?!

    WOPRWOPR17 dagar sedan
  • Wish that that one caster would stop screaming into his mic everytime someone dies. Blasts my ears when I'm wearing headphones :/

    KevenKeven17 dagar sedan
  • Throw Jellybeans in there! The hunter :D

    Morgan OriahiMorgan Oriahi17 dagar sedan
  • well Golden Guardians and charlotte phoenix both should rotate setup when they see they getting dominated, instead they rather getting ( 3 : 0 ) but maybe they love getting analfu**ed

    PaPa18 dagar sedan
    • Or maybe they have established win conditions and are trying to play to those?

      ChaddyHealsChaddyHeals17 dagar sedan
  • Is that nice Warrior/Mage/Pala. Even Sc2 has more choice with 3 races than Wow with only one comp. Ask me how the developers look at this....

    bless youbless you18 dagar sedan
    • They've been doing incremental balance changes throughout the season, better than they usually do. That's how the devs are looking at it. They don't want to nerf everything into the ground, so they're slowly working towards a more balanced meta.

      EntropyEntropy17 dagar sedan
  • Please bring more mages/warriors/paladins :) these 3 classes needs serious buffs, rarely someone plays them, very under-represented.

    RufgaudasRufgaudas18 dagar sedan
  • man.. eiya is so cute

    Cory McCory Mc18 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please explain to me how does this AWC works? We have multiple cups and points system. Im confused, how does a team earn points and whats the end goal with points? Does the previous cups points continue on to next cups within the same AWC or do they reset each cup? When are the grand finals? How many cups are there. Please help understand and thanks in advance. I tried researching but didn’t find any answers.

    Rehan AhmedRehan Ahmed18 dagar sedan
    • Entropy Whats round robin?

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based14 dagar sedan
    • You didn't try very hard. It's on the awc page. There's even a PDF of the official rules. The points add up over the course of the awc season, culminating in the shadowlands circuit which is a round robin tournament at the end of the season.

      EntropyEntropy17 dagar sedan
  • Really enjoying all the class diversity...

    Jeff CJeff C18 dagar sedan
    • What? You don’t enjoy Hpal/Mage/X? Who wouldn’t want to see them for 8/10 of the comps?

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based15 dagar sedan
    • @Entropy no I would like to see a little more diversity. It would be great if different comps worked with different healers, rather than Hpal being best in every comp. for example is rsham worked well in caster cleaves, Hpal into melee cleaves, priest into setup comps. This is just an example but you get the idea. Rather than Hpal being best in all scenarios

      Jeff CJeff C17 dagar sedan
    • You want them to play bad classes instead? It's Blizzard's fault.

      EntropyEntropy17 dagar sedan
  • 0 dh representation again. If 0 of a class is represented in awc it should raise a flag it needs attention. Also, no havoc in world first race. People ran veng bc havoc is so bad but they still needed chaos brand. Buff/rework havoc. 5% wasn't enough.

    DevlinDevlin18 dagar sedan
    • They already fked with it to do a rework that would cater to people who don't play the class but bring up random complaints anyway so saying anything logical to the reets behind the design table is probably a waste of time

      ShadowiffShadowiff18 dagar sedan
  • Zeepeye > Trill. Just saying. =)

    Biased LemmingsBiased Lemmings18 dagar sedan
  • Imagine training years to be at a competition, and being beat by a comp that runs at someone all game. Literally 1200 cr strats... feelsbadman

    Treston ParsonsTreston Parsons18 dagar sedan
    • Why dont you try it?

      Seto0019Seto001914 dagar sedan
  • Glad I got to see Mes on his DK, bring back DK's !!! OTK going to win baby !

    Kirk LongKirk Long18 dagar sedan
  • Rmp is so nerfed just look st the dmg Rogue 200k enemie warr 400 lol and Warriors right now have a lot of defensivds

    sara sanchezsara sanchez18 dagar sedan
    • @Grenzle 24 nah, thats a sin rogue, its all sustain far less control than sub rogue. Its basically a worse warrior at this point

      RenonRenon18 dagar sedan
    • Warrior is sustain dmg. Rogue is setup dmg. It will always be lower. It should be anyways.

      Grenzle 24Grenzle 2418 dagar sedan
  • dmachine does eyebrown and face movements like asmongold sometimes

    Richard BollmannRichard Bollmann18 dagar sedan
  • What’s insane is how out of 6 healer specs there’s mostly only one represented in the entirety of this AWC. That’s what you call tragic game design.

    adrianadrian18 dagar sedan
    • @Hendrik Hausen MoP was the highlight of wow PvP imo and I think the only difference between MoP and SL is that the burst is slightly higher for some classes and most classes lost defensive abilities compared to then. Things like Second Wind allowed you to not die so quickly, even with almost every spec feeling broken in MoP. Not sure the best route to "fix" the meta now, but I'd prefer fast paced games over BFA dampeners any day.

      Steven EdmondsSteven Edmonds18 dagar sedan
    • @Hendrik Hausen I agree 100%. It gets stale with one healer being so dominant in the meta that there's almost no representation for the others. I dont think nerfing Pala is the solution though, I think buffing the other healers is a better alternative.

      Steven EdmondsSteven Edmonds18 dagar sedan
    • @Steven Edmonds I agree mostly with what you said, but it's anyways boring. Yes, Holy Pala suits well in the meta. There should be alternatives, though. Maybe even redesgin or introduce new healer specs that provide viable alternatives. So teams have to make more strategical decisions.

      Hendrik HausenHendrik Hausen18 dagar sedan
    • @Renon Their weakness is their dependency in CDs. Without them they don't do as much healing as other classes. The only major difference between BFA palas and SL palas is divine toll for extra instant healing, and WoG so they don't have to cast as much (after losing fast cast Holy Lights). They're almost the same as BFA, but nobody complained about them then because other classes couldn't kill you in 2 globals.

      Steven EdmondsSteven Edmonds18 dagar sedan
    • @Steven Edmonds but like, what is the weakness of the pally. Strong burst, strong defensives, good utility, insane mana efficiency, only thing they lack is mobility I guess

      RenonRenon18 dagar sedan
  • 04:10:31 this sound :D

    Samet KucukcolakSamet Kucukcolak18 dagar sedan
  • Ven deff hates Dmachine lmao hes face everytime he talk is like -_-

    TT18 dagar sedan
  • warlock desginer is trash, look at how good that warlock is, still cannot survive any go. I don;t blame warlock, i blame warlock designer.

    DanielDaniel18 dagar sedan
    • And I blame you for being bad

      Mercy Egirl HunterMercy Egirl Hunter18 dagar sedan
  • we see hoiw squish is warlock in these games, you just no brain train warlock, you will win eventuially.

    DanielDaniel18 dagar sedan
  • Dude doesn't know the difference between Brian and Brain haha.

    Chojin KhanChojin Khan18 dagar sedan
    • @Chojin Khan Right, and it never came to your mind that they purposefully say it because he named his character in a funny way proportionally to his name irl? It's not about calling out all the pro players names like say XxShadowDeathWolfx who is named Hephaestion irl - only the ones they can put a funny spin on. I swear dude, even Maw doesn't have souls this unfortunate that say "Brain, not Brian." Good news is you aren't the only one who said that and we probably agree on warlocks being in a trash spot

      ShadowiffShadowiff18 dagar sedan
    • @Shadowiff again he's announcing a match getting paid to do a job. He didn't use the other players real names did he. Good thing you are an adult with the name calling. Actually how am I the dumb nerd when you sit on a esport channel watching the match and know all these players real name? Sounds like you are a self hater there. I'm just a old wow'er that checked out this match cause it popped up on my recommend, I haven't played in years and don't even know half of all these new comps and skills. I just commented how funny the guy kept calling the dude Brian but correctly said every other player's name.

      Chojin KhanChojin Khan18 dagar sedan
    • I wonder if that's b/c it's his real name you dumb nerd. Do you even read comments?

      ShadowiffShadowiff18 dagar sedan
    • @KungFury That's fine but your announcing a match, you aren't using Pika's real name or any other players. People who don't know these people watching is going to be amused by the mistake.

      Chojin KhanChojin Khan18 dagar sedan
    • Brian is Brain's actual name

      KungFuryKungFury18 dagar sedan
  • buff warlock survival vs melee thx. and revert changes bliz made to fel lord for demo in legion. 2min cool down and does nothing.

    Casey HodgesCasey Hodges18 dagar sedan
    • @Seto0019 i’m sure u are just a heroic raider and dont know how log works

      Dániel NémethDániel Németh13 dagar sedan
    • @Dániel Németh "logs are cheating" what drugs are you on lol.

      Seto0019Seto001913 dagar sedan
    • @Seto0019 i dont know what are u talking about. Logs are cheating. Delete PI from the game and u will see aff is not as good as u think, it’s still fine in raid but not top dps at all. The skillcap is high, the ramp up is so slow and not fun to play, especially in m+ other classes like mages hunters druids are much easier to play and they can do much more dps in m+ with lesser effort, so aff is not high tier class in m+

      Dániel NémethDániel Németh14 dagar sedan
    • @Dániel Németh ?????????????? They are monsters in raids, albeit just for their damage. Look at logs lol. They are also high tier in m+.

      Seto0019Seto001914 dagar sedan
    • @sara sanchez u are so stupid if u think they are tanky, absolute worst class in pvp and almost m+ , only A tier in raid but that’s all.

      Dániel NémethDániel Németh18 dagar sedan
  • otk hype

    Dark AsianDark Asian18 dagar sedan
  • I say again wizk is bad no good anymore

    DaNafterGGDaNafterGG18 dagar sedan
  • Eiya is super HOT!!

    JLo™JLo™18 dagar sedan
    • she is not hot, she is cute.

      Cory McCory Mc18 dagar sedan
    • @Carlos Hernandez You got that right. We will do anything drunk

      ShadowiffShadowiff18 dagar sedan
    • @Carlos Hernandez what you mean?

      KrunchyKrunchy18 dagar sedan
    • You been drinking?

      Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez18 dagar sedan
  • Rmp slaughtered again rip shadowlands.

    Lumberjack TuckbudfordLumberjack Tuckbudford18 dagar sedan
    • @Renon true, i should know xd i play hpal jungle at 2.4 and its suuuuuch a strugle

      Sampo AnttilaSampo Anttila17 dagar sedan
    • @shadowgurke true ya, its super counterable atm

      RenonRenon17 dagar sedan
    • @Renon RMP is good on ladder where people cant hardcounter it. On AWC you can just run counter setups, defensive covenants and legendaries

      shadowgurkeshadowgurke17 dagar sedan
    • @Sampo Anttila well, it kinda translates to all skill levels. Rmp is probably one of the hardest comps to pull off, so it being at a natural disadvantage just sucks.

      RenonRenon18 dagar sedan
    • Rmp works just fine, not in awc but pretty sure there are lots of rmp teams under 2.7k

      Sampo AnttilaSampo Anttila18 dagar sedan
  • good job david ! really enjoyed the games

    TheRobochicken5494TheRobochicken549418 dagar sedan
  • Why is he saying Brian? This dude is trolling or what? Lol

    who ?who ?18 dagar sedan
    • @Massilis fair enough, clearly i was unaware of this hahah thanks

      who ?who ?18 dagar sedan
    • Not trolling. Brian is Brain's real name, but I don't think it was a good idea for him to use the guy's real name as it's not exactly common knowledge. As well as the fact that he was using the corresponding character names for everyone else. I assume it was a simple mistake as Brian and Brain are extremely similar.

      MassilisMassilis18 dagar sedan
  • trust the process is from the Philadelphia 76'ers NBA basketball team mantra. They lost for so many years, to have really good drafts and picked really good players. The process refers to the drafting and molding of these players into stars to carry the team to victory. For the most part it has worked wonderfully

    Jesse SteudteJesse Steudte18 dagar sedan
  • This man keeps saying Brian

    HerkyHerky18 dagar sedan
    • Brains name is Brian irl

      SexyBeast1067SexyBeast106718 dagar sedan