MDI Shadowlands Cup 4 | Championship Sunday Full VOD

14 mar 2021
238 094 visningar

The Final Cup of Shadowlands Season 1 is here and teams battle the Shadowlands Dungeons on Patch 9.0.5 for the first time. Who will make Top 6 and qualify to the MDI Global Finals?
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  • Eliminado drjay 😩

    Alex CordobaAlex Cordoba3 dagar sedan
  • Why shadow priest in these comps? Just for PI ?

    andy originalandy original3 dagar sedan
  • 🐧

    DaBurgerBanditDaBurgerBandit22 dagar sedan
  • Spoiler Altert I'm pretty sure if Wolfdisco would have used his second combustion on the third boss in hoa, perplexed would have won. He were just holding it for like 30% boss hp.

    Silent4411Silent441124 dagar sedan
    • XD thats why your team won the mdi

      Tyler ZeusTyler Zeus16 dagar sedan
  • The fps thou, f

    Breno Monteiro MazzucchelliBreno Monteiro Mazzucchelli26 dagar sedan
  • In The next epizode of the bold and the beautiful

    4tomczak14tomczak127 dagar sedan
  • tettles is the worst. unprofessional and regularly cuts off the other casters

    JakeJake28 dagar sedan
  • The designers pleasure to see the damage done of Venthyr Holy Paladin to General Kaal being the highest.

    Maple KarnaMaple Karna28 dagar sedan
  • Dang... That second game was physically painful to watch.

    DaBurgerBanditDaBurgerBandit29 dagar sedan
  • To much of nagura for me... Its like only she there...I don't get it

    HuxFluxHuxFlux29 dagar sedan
    • welcome to the new world, woman get to talk now....see now we see they have nothing to say other than NOT ENOUGH PRACTICE!! doop de doooo

      Kirk WilsonKirk Wilson29 dagar sedan
    • An impressive exaggeration, to be sure, but just no.

      DaBurgerBanditDaBurgerBandit29 dagar sedan

    Dmitry DezhurovDmitry Dezhurov29 dagar sedan
  • first

    Andy ChengAndy Cheng29 dagar sedan
  • sad

    Ran HuangRan Huang29 dagar sedan