AWC Shadowlands Cup 3 | Championship Sunday Full VOD

14 feb 2021
341 399 visningar

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  • It surprising that Harden Skin, Shaman's second wall isn't shown on CD list under Zeepeye

    Andre GauthierAndre Gauthier6 dagar sedan
  • stop thumping the mic

    Steve OSteve O11 dagar sedan
  • Always good to see Dmachine

    kidman2505kidman250511 dagar sedan
  • Lontar was out of that meteor long before it hit...

    LovableFurballLovableFurball12 dagar sedan
  • Game 3 OTK and Cloud 9 there's just a minute missing from the game?

    Salud GamingSalud Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • The red looks great on eiya

    jayw900jayw90014 dagar sedan
  • Cdew doesnt know how to drink xD

    OREO MILKOREO MILK15 dagar sedan
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    TS dance musicTS dance music15 dagar sedan
  • ze

    f40f4015 dagar sedan
  • I just clicked through 9 hours...havent seen ANY hunter,wlock. Whats happening?

    SagiSagi15 dagar sedan
    • There was some jungle cleave, not so many different comps overall though.. xd

      Johan FJohan F10 dagar sedan
  • 1:04:49 awesome synergy again. Great grip. By the skin of their teeth pulled him from big damage. Playing defensively while on the offensive. Me likey.

    Alejandro FelixAlejandro Felix16 dagar sedan
  • Please make a separate channel for mdi/ arena and stop spamming the feeds of everyone else who just doesn't care

    Shazza KipShazza Kip16 dagar sedan
  • Are there decoy skills that redirect the dmg from a player to the decoy automatically and soak up dmg the player would have taken? I figured maybe the decoy could be stationary and have a short radius of range. Maybe the decoy doesn't redirect the dmg from every atk skill and only soaks the dmg of single target skills?

    sc universe youtubersc universe youtuber16 dagar sedan
  • 3:40:00 - Skill Capped vs Blast Wave, Froffsy playing Thoughtsteal and taking the Poly was nice

    Callum StonemanCallum Stoneman16 dagar sedan
  • is there any way to see back the build of players?

    Frydrych HerrmannFrydrych Herrmann16 dagar sedan
  • is this supposed to be entertaining?

    01jaredg01jaredg16 dagar sedan
  • Who is Brian?

    Tyler RasbandTyler Rasband17 dagar sedan
  • worst season ever. total skill less mong mode. useless pvp devs= useless pvp

    paul grantpaul grant17 dagar sedan
  • So a Mage is almost obligatory for every single team, we've seen mage in 90% of teams, guess why, spammable cc, 10k dps every 1.20 min unless combust gets countered by enemy mage(!) a few cheat deaths (iceblock-altertime-caut-seed), legendary triple shields, double blink, dragon's breath and novas... If you ain't picking mage you are trolling in this case.

    Gökhan KGökhan K17 dagar sedan
    • + mage food hehe

      Johan FJohan F10 dagar sedan
    • i hate them since TBC.

      dokanyondokanyon16 dagar sedan
  • Why is this hosted on "SEworld", AND why does it look like these hosts are in a small box or cheap apartment? Am I the only WoW player that owns a house??? LOL Maybe because I started playing two years ago, and took care of my adult life before selling my soul to Blizzard....sad sad.

    John YDGJohn YDG17 dagar sedan
    • Lol John you good? That was a weird boast.

      Ivan MezaIvan Meza16 dagar sedan
    • Those kids and their video games amirite boomer?

      AimiliosAimilios17 dagar sedan
  • Ultimate sac is broken.

    Mango GeniMango Geni17 dagar sedan
  • Arena Wheelchair ( paladin) Cup =AWC

    Nimbus 1612Nimbus 161217 dagar sedan
    • The fact that you had to explain means that wasn't very clever.

      jayw900jayw90015 dagar sedan
  • love the games but they need to sort dmachines mic he echos everyone!!!! (assuming its dmachine as it doesnt usually happen with ziqo)

    Philip CollinsPhilip Collins17 dagar sedan
  • i didnt know seth rogan casted wow

    Dillon UbeernaDillon Ubeerna17 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm, mage in almost every comp what could this mean hmmmm hm hmmmmmm

    FibonazziFibonazzi17 dagar sedan
  • Was very tense, see ya in next holy paladin+fire mage+1 AWC

    cagil undarcagil undar17 dagar sedan
    • Or pal+war+1

      Johnny HashJohnny Hash17 dagar sedan
  • Final: holy pala/fire mage/x vs holy pala/fire mage/x. Man i was thinking about resubbing and doing some arena but watching this has turned me off so hard. PvP is just so fkn sad right now, even worse than corruption at this point. At least curruption could be abused by everyone.

    HenrikHenrik17 dagar sedan
    • @jayw900Hpal/firemage/war is dominating at any rating. Of course there will always be a comp/class thats strongest, but right now the gap between strong and weak classes is insane. PvP has never been as imbalanced and bad as its now and nothing that combatant blizz defenders like you say will change that.

      HenrikHenrik15 dagar sedan
    • You looking at top tier pvp. Peon pvp like you would do isnt gonna have all this.

      jayw900jayw90015 dagar sedan
    • @NickyB i answered man that wrote that bfa pvp was better, but actuallu in sl we have a lot of fun specs to play and moreover u can farm gladiator with any spec, judging all wow pvp by awc games is ridiculous. People would always find what is the best for them if they compete and its impossible to force proplayers play different specs if they dont want to

      And MatAnd Mat17 dagar sedan
    • @And Mat you pick what is most competitive obviously. If nerf hpally and fire mage more then other specs take over. That’s how it goes.

      NickyBNickyB17 dagar sedan
    • Or u should play demo lock or outlaw rog to be honored?

      And MatAnd Mat17 dagar sedan
  • Same classes all the time so boring

    Jake BakerJake Baker17 dagar sedan
  • "they are turbofisting each other"

    lollepolle1lollepolle117 dagar sedan
    • @Cudi Bram 7:31:00

      ChillMund PeaceChillMund Peace16 dagar sedan
    • Eiya splooshed

      Sir Phil McCrackin von BeggingtonSir Phil McCrackin von Beggington16 dagar sedan
    • where and when ? :D

      Cudi BramCudi Bram16 dagar sedan
  • Am I wrong but wasn't that the old TSG comp Hamsters & Hares used to win in the zug match? Why didn't the announcers know that? Or they didn't play back when it won the AWC the second one I believe? They kept saying it was a "new" comp for some reason.

    Chojin KhanChojin Khan17 dagar sedan
  • I double tap to skip everytime the w*man starts talking

    Dangerously BasedDangerously Based17 dagar sedan
    • I hope she sees this bro

      Dangerously BasedDangerously Based17 dagar sedan
  • I bet paladin/mage wins

    The BobThe Bob17 dagar sedan
  • Woooo

    Vlakus Classic PvPVlakus Classic PvP17 dagar sedan
  • yooooooooooo

    Victor SotoVictor Soto17 dagar sedan
  • lets go

    Swift FlappableSwift Flappable17 dagar sedan