Method EU vs Skill Capped EU | Final | AWC Shadowlands EU Cup 3

14 feb 2021
50 622 visningar

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Method EU vs Skill Capped EU
Final | AWC Shadowlands EU Cup 3
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  • Hi .. pls name addon?

    Vaclav MotlVaclav Motl13 dagar sedan
  • The Amount of ranged Hunters in the AWC represents how viable is.

    TeeroyTeeroy14 dagar sedan
  • Welp Inc Enhance nerfs. We can't have Peasant specs like Enhance beating Big Daddy Blizzard's special snowflake Fire Mage.

    David KingDavid King14 dagar sedan
  • I dont see dh thus seson and that say me that dh ist realy down AS Arena class.

    Pavel HaritonovPavel Haritonov15 dagar sedan
  • Horde = win

    mr. knows allmr. knows all15 dagar sedan
  • No patch this week? These warrior mages yoooooo

    Daniel W.Daniel W.15 dagar sedan
  • what's chas transmog ? is he using tier7 from warriors as a paladin i dont get it, help i want that

    Cir EbCir Eb16 dagar sedan
    • maybe in tournament worlds you can transmog any plate item. Not sure

      who ?who ?16 dagar sedan
  • GGs!

    MethodMethod16 dagar sedan
  • I like that rmp was owned. But obvious that arms and enh need nerf for their damage and toolkit (for war) - it is insane result for such autistic 123 gameplay.

    AzgardisAzgardis16 dagar sedan
    • They got owned because of how good warriors are atm

      Daniel W.Daniel W.15 dagar sedan
  • That prediction by Ven in the last game was amazing.

    jesh010jesh01016 dagar sedan
  • why aren't resto druids being used

    Alex TorresAlex Torres16 dagar sedan
    • Mostly because of mana efficiency. Druids go out of mana too fast in comparison to other healers, having to drink a lot more and being less reliable on long games. Another minor issue is that most healers got one of the former perks of druid: instant cast heals. Yet still, if you like druids, like me, it's still playable, it is possible to achiev high ranking if you play it well, but it will be harder than with a pally ofc

      Lucas BispoLucas Bispo16 dagar sedan
  • Please make a separate channel for mdi/ arena and stop spamming the feeds of everyone else who just doesn't care

    Shazza KipShazza Kip16 dagar sedan
  • is there any way to see what spec/talents/gear etc did they play?

    Frydrych HerrmannFrydrych Herrmann16 dagar sedan
    • When it's playing live there's a link to it all, I'm not sure about afterwards though.

      AyyLmaoAyyLmao16 dagar sedan
  • Unbalanced game each season gettin worse

    ziom zioomziom zioom16 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or are the cooldowns on defensive abilities just way too low... There is always an answer for everything. Oh, He made a mistake ... doesn't really matter cause his team has 10 different cooldowns to save him. Which would be fine if it would mean that they could burst him down later... But they can't because they have 10 other cooldowns to save him again, and by the time you can burst again the cooldowns you used first are back up again. These games lasting 10+ minutes are the perfect example. Just too much different stuff stopping damage.

    jan steyaertjan steyaert16 dagar sedan
    • Which is why you saw a constant pressure comp like warrior/enhance win over these dumbass "burst window" comps like mage rogue

      Derek ShawDerek Shaw16 dagar sedan
    • Most cooldowns are several minutes long, which is forever in wow time. These guys are just very good and don't fall easily.

      AyyLmaoAyyLmao16 dagar sedan
  • BOOOOOOOM!!!! :D SC EU!!!

    Christian GyurityChristian Gyurity16 dagar sedan
  • warriors are fine

    NubRustyNubRusty17 dagar sedan
  • Sac/bop on seeds needs killed with fire. Such a toxic mechanic

    redbul17redbul1717 dagar sedan
    • Everyone is playing Fire mage, so shouldnt be a problem

      kraakelolkraakelol16 dagar sedan
  • Enha offheals hahahaah

    PhilipPhilip17 dagar sedan
    • Feral and retri offheals are even worse tho. Shaman needs mana, the others dont

      Ahandii89Ahandii8915 dagar sedan
    • Yeah you know how to beat an enh turbo? Play with any other turbo

      Mj KlutMj Klut16 dagar sedan
    • enhance mana hahahaaha

      Cody JonesCody Jones16 dagar sedan
  • Awesome, now we are going to see enh heals get gutted like last expansion :(

    John-Paul MathieuJohn-Paul Mathieu17 dagar sedan
  • rogue damage is so low

    MooncakeMooncake17 dagar sedan
    • 57:24 sooo low

      LoscoachosLoscoachos12 dagar sedan
    • lol

      Calcapwn300Calcapwn30017 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad, that Reckful did not see state of his old comp - RMP. Melee cleave with arm faceroll 50% hp hits with every attack, arms have million suport deff cds for every situation, but ofcourse, Blizo went with a broken seed, to have one broken deff extra. Meanwhile poor rogue did 150 IQ tactic with zero success, because only way how to win this - via duel, was denied via seed. Chasing priest 2 arenas without switch lika Hydra games (1500 exp wotlk tacticss), sac seed. PPL hates RMP so much, but RMP must to do 10000* more than brainead melee cleave to win a game.

    obrovský mozekobrovský mozek17 dagar sedan
    • @Sergey Tertichniy nerf everything so RMX become OP again.

      wowwow16 dagar sedan
    • @Sergey Tertichniy I mean i am all for rogue dmg buffs if they nerf fire mage combustion dmg. Arms warrior intervene needs nerfed, windwalker dmg needs nerfed, other healers need a buff. Retri pala dmg and healing nerfs.

      William WhitehouseWilliam Whitehouse16 dagar sedan
    • @William Whitehouse and i have seen unicorns =) you have seen like 1 or 2? and how many warriors and monks with palas are there? even in rogue's category there is like 1 rogue out of 100 playing with something else than mage... uphill battle.

      Sergey TertichniySergey Tertichniy16 dagar sedan
    • @Sergey Tertichniy I seen rogue play with hunter at 2.7mmr. Seen rogue play with SP at 2.8.

      William WhitehouseWilliam Whitehouse16 dagar sedan
    • @William Whitehouse yeah, so if the rogue is fine, could you be so kind to name one comp but rmp rogue can play? ) and even "best one" has 20% winrate... meanwhile mage+hpal+war/spriest/monk/elemshamy are pretty solid ones with high winrate... there is something wrong in this equation...

      Sergey TertichniySergey Tertichniy16 dagar sedan
  • Oh nice, finally someone played fire mage

    Hendrik HausenHendrik Hausen17 dagar sedan
    • At least no hpals

      gr owgr ow15 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love to see Rogue+Mage lose. So satisfying

    Sune jørgensenSune jørgensen17 dagar sedan
  • Enhance Offheals seem a bit too strong 1:08:27

    N GN G17 dagar sedan
    • I disagree. There is nothing balanced about Fire Mage atm if anything needs a nerd start there.

      David KingDavid King14 dagar sedan
    • @Garrett Kastner yea with 5 stacks of mealstrom and propably crit

      anarkikanarkianarkikanarki15 dagar sedan
    • lmao 80% in an instant cast.

      Garrett KastnerGarrett Kastner16 dagar sedan
  • Blizo was absolutly insane these games. So fun to finally see some warriors at these games again!

    MJMJ17 dagar sedan
    • Yeah! Finally, arms is so underrated!

      Felix GöhlerFelix Göhler16 dagar sedan
  • Buff dh

    fittiskogenfittiskogen17 dagar sedan
  • Anyone knows which legendary and stat weight blizo ran?

    Sznu GarmuulSznu Garmuul17 dagar sedan
    • He was using sephuz

      WebiWebi17 dagar sedan
  • I swear the guy who said the seed should work in Arena is sersiously rtarded.

    Sam LebbSam Lebb17 dagar sedan
    • Seed isnt even good

      BingoBingo10 dagar sedan
    • Sure, next to LoH and whatever other abilities you can't use in arena. It is already a shitshow.

      Áron FenyvesiÁron Fenyvesi17 dagar sedan
    • Mimimi

      Xet incXet inc17 dagar sedan
  • Better team won, outplayed. Gg

    GooberGoober17 dagar sedan
  • Repair the game. Buff rdruid.

    Quentin JulienQuentin Julien17 dagar sedan
  • Let's hope Skill Capped EU doesn't choke at blizzcon again.

    cocaineinmyveincocaineinmyvein17 dagar sedan
    • @Felix Göhler Now that's a decent way to respond to another human being so I will do the same to clarify. If you read a second time what I said I speak in past tense, I was refering to the fact that they supposedly choked during 2019 blizzcon. And IN 2019, rogue/mage was far superior to warrior/mage, actually warrior was fairly garbage during whole of BfA. I'm not in any way refering to the current state of the game, which has a complete different balance. So maybe I have no clue what i'm talking about but you don't have a clue either since you lack reading skills. Edit : Did you actually even watched the video? There is not a single rogue/mage vs warrior/mage, not sure how you ended up thinking I was talking about those games.

      Baptiste QuilainBaptiste Quilain15 dagar sedan
    • @Baptiste Quilain no matter how old i am, doesnt change the fact that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. If you would play at an at least half-way decent level (2.4+) you would know that war/mage is far superior to rogue mage in 3s. I mean, just look at the leaderbords. Or look at the diversity of the AWC participants. Pal/war/mage is one of the, if not the strongest comp in this season. Is also the most played during the awc. If rogue/mage was so strong and non-counterable, there would be way more RMP's. If you already learned how to read, take a look at those things,then come back again. And if you have no clue at all, dont write unnecessary comments. Thats just laughable. I mean, rmp is a decent comp for sure, was always viable since bc, but atm pmw is simply stronger. Rogue is just way to squishy and no danger at all outside of dance (which is on a 3m cd) Tldr:no matter what you say now, you are simply not right. That's the reason why i assume you are not an experienced player at all.

      Felix GöhlerFelix Göhler15 dagar sedan
    • @Felix Göhler I really hope you're a child, otherwise I just feel sorry for you and our education system :/

      Baptiste QuilainBaptiste Quilain15 dagar sedan
    • @Baptiste Quilain have you reached combatant yet?

      Felix GöhlerFelix Göhler16 dagar sedan
    • They didn't really choke it was a miracle their warrior mage could go toe to toe with rogue mage considering how crappy was warrior and how little counter rogue mage had

      Baptiste QuilainBaptiste Quilain16 dagar sedan