BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Update

19 feb 2021
365 140 visningar

Members of the World of Warcraft development team discuss the latest content coming to Shadowlands at BlizzCon.
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  • Skip to 6:28 to know what the next patch is. You're welcome.

    Martin SmithMartin SmithDag sedan
  • 19:25 Flying Info

    Randy MeeksRandy MeeksDag sedan
  • Those guys who are currently working on the development of the World of Warcraft game are destroying one of the greatest games ever made in history. Absolute shame, it's a parody of what it once was.

    Радослав ЦветановРадослав ЦветановDag sedan
  • I'd prefer MoP than this .....

    Timothy J cominsTimothy J comins2 dagar sedan
  • Oh My, New Powers we can't use anywhere that matters,

    KsikkihkiniKsikkihkini3 dagar sedan
  • Aber warum kommt nichts das mann wieder LvL`n Kann ? das währe dann noch viel spannender :(

    Day AvalonDay Avalon5 dagar sedan
  • arthas?

    federico galvanfederico galvan5 dagar sedan
  • Anduin is the new lich king then? idk tell me what you think

    NeoNeo5 dagar sedan
  • garrosh will be deathbringer saurfang 2.0

    blasphemy18blasphemy185 dagar sedan
  • why iam so hype for korthia

    myceliumsmyceliums5 dagar sedan
  • perhaps the winter queen could... what? COULD WHAT? COME ON END YOUR SENTENCE

    PandlienPandlien5 dagar sedan
  • still waiting for the tree mount

    jacob Boatmanjacob Boatman6 dagar sedan
  • what is this "terragrue" i've never seen it KEKW

    Flea TaxiFlea Taxi8 dagar sedan
  • Sounds epic!

    Kuba KusiakKuba Kusiak8 dagar sedan
  • Shadownlands isn't a new world. Its the same world painted over. Idc about story or systems, give more content. Doing the same dungeons over and over again isn't fun.

    Nathaniel ThomasNathaniel Thomas8 dagar sedan
  • Corpse fly........ Guess I'll stick with my Netherlord's Chaotic wrathsteed 👍

    Daniel GordonDaniel Gordon8 dagar sedan
  • More than half the subs have STOPPED PLAYING this expansion.

    Aleric cAleric c8 dagar sedan
  • you know what we care about, flying in shadowlands and 2 legendary's

    Casey DavisCasey Davis8 dagar sedan
  • this most active hands in the biz

    Kevin GibsonKevin Gibson8 dagar sedan
  • 2:37 - just ROFL!!! all the Torgast and the Maw are point for complete rework)))

    AlexanderAlexander9 dagar sedan
  • Jesus... Shadowlands... Ion - make something valuable with Torghast! Find any reason for not calling it Warfronts 2.0. What was the point to farm Stygia and now deplete it? just fun and time killer? And this you call the best and lovable addon? really?

    AlexanderAlexander9 dagar sedan
  • still no mention about adding the bfa pvp season mounts to the saddle vendor

    Patrik BarcajPatrik Barcaj9 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully you make all classes viable 🤷🏻‍♂️

    AlphaaAFAlphaaAF9 dagar sedan
  • blizzard should really work more on cosmetic this is something that just doesnt work and mounts ... oh dude asmongold will love that new vulepra cloud serpent ! xD

    Menopauza kMenopauza k9 dagar sedan
  • Still no account wide bank tab?

    CrLostArtCrLostArt9 dagar sedan
  • "covenants coming together for the first time in years" if only this would imply we could switch between them easily from now on...

    Yiannis KassapisYiannis Kassapis9 dagar sedan

    SkywalkerSkywalker9 dagar sedan
  • I've never seen someone who isn't a massive nerd use the word "dastardly"

    DRK0114DRK01149 dagar sedan
  • We need Chris Metzen back!

    KrezenKrezen9 dagar sedan
    • 400k views... rip

      Humble HawkHumble HawkDag sedan
  • Catch the darn fox quest still not fix after 6 months past, you're talker .

    Sam HwuSam Hwu9 dagar sedan
  • UnLock us

    vasemirvasemir9 dagar sedan
  • Lol when Jeremy is like "UNMERCILESSLY". So you mean... mercilessly?

    abetroll01abetroll019 dagar sedan
    • you mean... mercifull right ?

      GodOfMacroGodOfMacro8 dagar sedan
  • Just give us the Necromancer CLASS you cowards!!

    TandranTandran9 dagar sedan
  • continuing the trend of useless npcs in this expansion.

    S4NoctiSS4NoctiS9 dagar sedan
  • 5:45 “Un-mercilessly.” So... we’ve been watched with mercy? Well now that just sounds downright pleasant. I’ll not stand for pleasant!

    DougDoug9 dagar sedan
  • will 9.1 be the final patch for shadowlands?

    Thomas BanksThomas Banks10 dagar sedan
  • Where is the fun though?

    Love YouLove You10 dagar sedan
  • More of the same ????

    Roger NevezRoger Nevez10 dagar sedan
  • Frodo is looking older.

    DavmanDavman10 dagar sedan
  • The Jailer Looks like Ion.

    PLAYPLAY10 dagar sedan
  • 3:17 to skip Ian saying nothing 6:25 to skip recap

    ScottEffingWalkerScottEffingWalker10 dagar sedan
  • The Blizzard art team responsible for armor and weapons should of been fired years ago.

    Bigun IndaboatBigun Indaboat10 dagar sedan
  • 2:08 Lol, he says it so nonchalantly like if we didn't just watch Anduin stab someone. "like yo anduin, bro you good? whats up with you lately man?" That Maw Hand Mount though, nice~

    Adaumis ASMRAdaumis ASMR10 dagar sedan
  • Shadowlands so good.

    Nick JordanNick Jordan10 dagar sedan
  • Stop with the pets already!!!

    Final VerdictFinal Verdict10 dagar sedan
  • excuse me did he say "infinite pirate dragon"? ok Im sold.

    Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson10 dagar sedan
  • how Anduin could walk freely in bastion. does noone told to them that Anduin is kidnaped? we saw thrue Bolvar that Jailor enchanted his sword with cristal so all covenant should know that something happening with Anduin

    Donatas VainauskasDonatas Vainauskas10 dagar sedan
  • Please fix this Arcane conduit bug: "Nether Precision" does not work when you have the pvp talent [Arcane Empowerment] selected. No procs. PLEASE COMMENT (no fix since 3 months)

    Oblivian WowOblivian Wow10 dagar sedan
  • Odyn!?!?! So this is where "The lord of ravens will turn the final key!" applies?

    Angel MilenkovAngel Milenkov10 dagar sedan
  • Jailer wants to argue with the "First Ones" aka his parents

    Leo DoveLeo Dove10 dagar sedan
  • Dress up and prance around Goldshire...'it's me Maw it's me Maw' She will be so proud.

    Maurice BenoitMaurice Benoit10 dagar sedan
  • Cannot wait to break Sylvanas body!

    Scuffed SpartanScuffed Spartan10 dagar sedan
  • Epicness!!!! Thank you, Blizzard!

    John YDGJohn YDG10 dagar sedan
  • The worst point is David kim

    김또깡김또깡10 dagar sedan
  • OMG new content for the maw and 4 more wings for torghast... whoopty fu**ing doo...

    Rene PuttlitzRene Puttlitz10 dagar sedan
  • Well, that was massively underwhelming.

    Greyman XGreyman X10 dagar sedan
  • you play to increase your characters power. end the loot drought. and no, 33% increased drop rate doesnt cut it

    Belatar TurenosBelatar Turenos10 dagar sedan
  • Just hoping that the speech about “the one whose heart is true” was about the Jailer actually, just to witness there is no “good” and “bad” things in this world but only different ways to exist.

    Danil MikhaylovDanil Mikhaylov11 dagar sedan
  • LOVE Shadowlands ... BEST expansion to date. Thank you.

    Marauder's WorldMarauder's World11 dagar sedan
  • Want to make it better for players, make it more fun and less work. We often feel like we pay you to work for you, insane.

    OrimaiOrimai11 dagar sedan
    • Nope

      ElTetoElTeto8 dagar sedan
  • just bring class balance back guys.

    ShinrakShinrak11 dagar sedan
  • can my char be on the bad side ? no ? ok...

    asickasick11 dagar sedan
  • Sylvanas's facial expression before and after Anduin showed his psychologist skill to her: Before: Fierce and angry After: Sad... Regret? Guilty?

    Player 01Player 0111 dagar sedan
  • Очень хочется играть разными спеками за разные ковенанты, кто согласен?

    Иван ЛукинИван Лукин11 dagar sedan
  • Necrolord purple set is sick!

  • Solo que arenas plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    PanoplosPanoplos11 dagar sedan
  • Will we be able to ride the new Mounts with Alts or will they be bound to their covenant?

    XentharasXentharas11 dagar sedan
    • good question

      Andreas RaskAndreas Rask11 dagar sedan
  • We want new bg!!!

    NIKOLAKOS97NIKOLAKOS9711 dagar sedan
  • Fire this "designer"

    Vincent PhoonVincent Phoon11 dagar sedan
  • Where is the soloqueue content update... that would be something to get back into the game

    Aamer F.Aamer F.11 dagar sedan
  • TL:DR read the comments

    BreadbowlBreadbowl11 dagar sedan

    G. PattonG. Patton11 dagar sedan
  • 👀

    Taylor FosterTaylor Foster11 dagar sedan
  • The Necrolord flying mount looks so awesome.

    AvendesoraAvendesora11 dagar sedan
  • Ion, do you not sleep, sir? Look after yourself mate

    DogfartfaceDogfartface11 dagar sedan
  • Ions Convoke His pants over shadowlands Nerf druids nerf maldraxxus dks

    rob grob g11 dagar sedan
  • is it just me or is Ion turning into Gollum?

    joshua lincksjoshua lincks11 dagar sedan
  • Ion says he's excited like there's a gun to his head. 0:05

    CjeCje11 dagar sedan
    • That would be their Chinese Overlords.

      LincolnLincoln5 dagar sedan
  • He reminds me of Stan Lee.

    John WilkersonJohn Wilkerson11 dagar sedan
  • Don't you guys have professional recording environments?

    Bailey SmoothBailey Smooth11 dagar sedan
  • Could it be, Arthas threw to Korthia?

    Imperious PerfectImperious Perfect11 dagar sedan
  • "Never before seen" "Brand New" "Never before seen" "Brand New" "Never before seen" "Brand New" "Never before seen" "Brand New"

    KevinKevin11 dagar sedan
    • @GinoSoldier lol why?

      cautare pvpcautare pvp10 dagar sedan
    • George Carlin is laughing in his grave.

      GinoSoldierGinoSoldier10 dagar sedan
    • Selling techniques

      싸넬싸넬10 dagar sedan
  • "Entertain New Content!"

    Darien WolfDarien Wolf11 dagar sedan
  • 6:20 if you want to cut to the patch info.

    PropheciPropheci11 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry an infinite what now?

    J ThroneJ Throne11 dagar sedan
  • ngl we need more content if they want people to stay subscribed if not ill be back in 6 months when next patch is available

    ShaneeyShaneey11 dagar sedan
  • WHEN is 5.1 ?

    Rafal CyranRafal Cyran11 dagar sedan
  • Nah, mounts in maw stole the show for sure.

    hey therehey there11 dagar sedan
    • ??? You can mount in the maw already?

      Nathaniel ThomasNathaniel Thomas8 dagar sedan
  • How come that they are doing fewer sets and they look so bad?

    Saii158Saii15811 dagar sedan
  • oh look, Gated content....... FO

    Rafal CyranRafal Cyran11 dagar sedan
  • WTB armor class sets again!

    JacobJacob11 dagar sedan
  • New pvp armor / mog ?

    DryukuDryuku11 dagar sedan
  • New content: "Save 1500 souls in the maw"

    maxim1abmaxim1ab11 dagar sedan
    • HAHA

      Michael ClampettMichael Clampett5 dagar sedan
  • Spent SOME time in Torghast... more like WASTED hours of my life there with NOTHING to show for it!!

    Daniel Sheffield, Sr.Daniel Sheffield, Sr.11 dagar sedan
  • Feasel ...? FEASEL !?!?

    jon borgjon borg11 dagar sedan
  • Disgusting sets, the hype is non existant

    LeviathanLeviathan11 dagar sedan
  • Please update mage honor talents

    Quint SeidelQuint Seidel11 dagar sedan
  • Update = unlock flying, new raid, dungeon, higher ilvl and new pvp season.

    jon1nsonjon1nson11 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Blizz.. Looks like this patch will be full with content.. Do not listen to the crybabies.. This expansion is great so far.!

    Nick StrifeNick Strife11 dagar sedan
  • still waiting on balancing PvP, pally making 20% of the total ladder along with new class armor sets like promised

    hawktondoghawktondog11 dagar sedan
    • You don't like divine toll taking someone for 75% of their health in one go?

      Um ok WhyUm ok Why11 dagar sedan