AWC SL Circuit | Week 2 Day 1 Full VOD

27 mar 2021
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After four intense Cups, the top teams from around the world are advancing to the Arena World Championship (AWC) Shadowlands Season 1 Circuit!
The top eight teams from both North America and Europe face off in a four-week round robin for their share of the $160,000 (USD) total prize pool and one of four invites per region to the Season 1 Finals.
Teams are also fighting for their own survival in the Circuit, with the bottom two teams in each region having to compete in an open Relegation Cup in order to advance to the Season 2 Circuit and a shot at this Fall’s AWC: Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals.
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Match Schedule, Saturday - March 27
Match 1: (2) @Method EU vs (4) @Reload Esports
Match 2: (5) Creed vs (8) @ad hoc gaming
Match 3: (6) Blast Wave Bros vs (7) Tegridy Damp
Match 4: (1) @Skill Capped WoW Guides vs (3) @cowana gaming
Match 5: (1) @Method NA vs (8) @Spacestation Gaming
Match 6: (4) Charlotte Phoenix vs (6) @Golden Guardians
Match 7: (2) @OTK vs (7) Unitas
► EU Rosters:
Cowana Gaming : Niksi, Tana, Cara, Nerdrage
Creed : Trenacetate, Drainer, Sazamizy, Bakka
Tegridy Damp : Fnoberz, Wallirik, Xot
Blast Wave Bros : Jaime, Fuseton, Livin, Ratapai
Ad Hoc Gaming : Facile, Cassidy, Gelu, Relzah
Reload Esports : Lontar, Vilaye, Merce, Mystic
Skill Capped EU : Maro, Loony, Blizo, Froffsy
Method EU : Chas, Zunniyaki, Whaazz, Thesia
► NA Rosters:
Golden Guardians : Absterge, Wizk, Pikaboo, Jellybeans
OTK : Mes, Cdew, Samiyam, Trill
Cloud9 : Chanimal, Wealthyman, Kubzy, Snutz
Hamsters & Hares : Zach, Vellido, Floormat, Roastyz
METHOD NA : Ceralium, Brain, Drake, Prev
Unitas : Cmd, Oxygen, Aiden, Yoske
Charlotte Phoenix : Korlic, Nick, Burn, Aang
Spacestation Gaming : Smexxin, Thugonomicz, Ticki, Chunli
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  • 6:34:02 Hahaha! The cat fail..! XD

    JagoryuJagoryu8 dagar sedan
  • Remove Elya and make Supatease host

    Dangerously BasedDangerously Based8 dagar sedan

    Yurii KhabailoYurii Khabailo15 dagar sedan

    nice Qnice Q15 dagar sedan
  • Every game Jelly is like, "On your left"

    apachediscoapachedisco16 dagar sedan
  • About time GG took advantage of having the best hunter in NA on their roster

    Frank EvansFrank Evans16 dagar sedan
  • Jesus, these fights are so boring

    Mateus Rezende RibeiroMateus Rezende Ribeiro16 dagar sedan
    • Why are ypu watching??

      Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan7 dagar sedan
  • STILLnota single demon hunter in all these cups

    more coffeemore coffee16 dagar sedan
  • Niski with the Venthir one shot

    Alex BootheAlex Boothe16 dagar sedan
  • 6:33:40 chonk down

    Hockeystroh73Hockeystroh7316 dagar sedan
  • Is that Supatease

    AlijamaruAlijamaru16 dagar sedan
  • Why is Eyia so cringe :))))))

    Andrei PetcuAndrei Petcu16 dagar sedan
    • Shes not... you, however...

      Carlie MorganCarlie Morgan7 dagar sedan
  • Its crazy how supatease looks physically better and better

    mlput pealimlput peali16 dagar sedan
    • 3 years from now he will be on Forbes 100 most attractive men, and we will be the ones who knew

      The Communist AccountantThe Communist Accountant15 dagar sedan
    • He really does.

      StewieStewie16 dagar sedan
  • Как же заебали выкидывать это говно тоннами. Создайте уже отдельный канал для этого.

    Davy LankDavy Lank16 dagar sedan

    MM16 dagar sedan
  • 5:19:55 scream meme for the live jajajaja lol jajajaj

    Chico visionario y futuristaChico visionario y futurista16 dagar sedan
  • venruki killing it, great commentary and casting

    KungFuryKungFury16 dagar sedan
  • necro op

    Patrick GPatrick G16 dagar sedan
  • Love seeing hunters shine since most of the world doesn't want us to be good.

    KenzBroKenzBro16 dagar sedan
    • Most of the world doesn't want to everything be good. Hunters, rogues, warriors, retri. mages etc. you will find crybabies cry about these classes everywhere and ofcourse dh, destro and mw are hated too because of BFA. PPL want everything be low and mediocre so they can win matches without any skill and improvment.

      obrovský mozekobrovský mozek16 dagar sedan
  • Is Ven behind?

    Nathan CaseyNathan Casey16 dagar sedan
  • bring back the king swapsie . and you scrubs

    Ed DaltonEd Dalton16 dagar sedan
  • Jellybeans = MVP

    SadBoy HisokaSadBoy Hisoka16 dagar sedan
  • same comps different tournies...

    ElRaYElRaY16 dagar sedan
  • esto son arenas actuales? vaya pedazo de basura

    Etne Gadaff gandalffEtne Gadaff gandalff16 dagar sedan