BlizzConline 2021 - World of Warcraft: The Evolution of Thrall

20 feb 2021
51 536 visningar

Join Terran Gregory, Christie Golden, and Sean Copeland from Blizzard's story and franchise development team at BlizzCon as they look back on the evolution of the iconic World of Warcraft character Thrall.

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  • "Our Horde" *Communism intensifies*

    viking beserkerviking beserker4 dagar sedan
  • He is one of the most developed character story-wise in the lore. Fantasy lore wise, Warcraft could be better with more correct time-line and events, plus more character development from other races.

    Abdullah MubarakAbdullah Mubarak7 dagar sedan
  • Cairne, Varock, Vol'jin. If Thrall falls, I'll be done.

    Christopher WyattChristopher Wyatt9 dagar sedan
  • They just straight skipped over BFA...

    Christopher WyattChristopher Wyatt9 dagar sedan

    Jaroslav DolejšíJaroslav Dolejší10 dagar sedan
  • "The regress of Thrall"

    Douglas FelesDouglas Feles10 dagar sedan
  • 20:01. Do they know Garrosh is actually older than Thrall?

    WieldofrostWieldofrost10 dagar sedan
  • Orcs are disgusting

    A CatA Cat10 dagar sedan
  • Bring back Warchief Thrall!

    spykeex69spykeex6910 dagar sedan

    Kirutasu InceptionKirutasu Inception10 dagar sedan
  • So great to watching you guys talking about lore and characters from your perspective. Would be great to see more. Please do it again time to time...

    Gökhan GöksuGökhan Göksu10 dagar sedan
  • 51:59 "I'm not biased or anything." Me neither, tauren are just simply the best.

    deni kehideni kehi10 dagar sedan
  • "This land is rugged and beautiful, much like the place from which my people originally came." is not from the Shattering. It's from Warcraft 3. Thrall was comparing Kalimdor to what he had heard of Draenor while speaking to Cairne.

    JakobJakob10 dagar sedan
  • “Welcome to Orgrimmar. Have you come to serve the Horde?”

    eren jaegereren jaeger11 dagar sedan
  • It's cringy to see that your favourite Warcraft/WoW char for 20 years is being shaped by these nerds.

  • It's so funny watching an adult getting so much into it like the guy in the middle, lol

    10 out of 1010 out of 1011 dagar sedan
  • My fav part of blizzconline so far!

    ACatienzACatienz11 dagar sedan
  • This was really touching & am glad to watch it.

    Sudhanshu MishraSudhanshu Mishra11 dagar sedan
  • I've never really followed the lore too closely but watching this segment and feeling their passion for the story made me tear up and look into buying all the books.

    Amanda MeinertAmanda Meinert11 dagar sedan
  • Thrall Cheated!

    erenanarchy9erenanarchy911 dagar sedan
  • lol they talk about thrall wout metzen.... pathetic

    RumexRumex11 dagar sedan
  • What are the thrall/Grom cgi bits from?

    Sebastian SmithSebastian Smith11 dagar sedan
    • Warcraft 3

      Josh MJosh M10 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part of Blizzcon by far

    Coco -Coco -11 dagar sedan
  • Speaking of Thrall, when are they going to fix WC3 reforged

    iZack HazeiZack Haze11 dagar sedan
  • The animators on Warcraft Adventures did the Zelda and Mario CD-I games. It's probably better we never saw it.

    FinleyFinley11 dagar sedan
  • Ah no Metzen in this convo, hard pass from me.

    Crotes1990Crotes199011 dagar sedan
    • How does that make sense because in fact you mentioned him so your own comment is hypocritical to your own words. Think before you comment next time.

      Eoin MordauntEoin Mordaunt11 dagar sedan
  • Came for the Metzen, leaving cause no Metzen

    jimmyhjtjimmyhjt11 dagar sedan
  • Taretha foxton ❤️ 😭

    Azmir ZulkurnainAzmir Zulkurnain11 dagar sedan
  • Very entertaining lore review!

    Javier GuerreroJavier Guerrero11 dagar sedan
  • Thrall yes 😍

    Void WalkerVoid Walker11 dagar sedan
  • And Metzen is...?

    Jaime HerreraJaime Herrera11 dagar sedan
    • thrall he still voices thrall

      Mason McConnellMason McConnell6 dagar sedan
    • Left Blizzard.

      ThePipeMonkThePipeMonk9 dagar sedan
  • so the baby from the river the ending of WOW movie the beginning is thrall ?

    Little ChanLittle Chan11 dagar sedan
    • Yup

      jet44444jet4444411 dagar sedan
  • Boring!

    Larry ChandlerLarry Chandler11 dagar sedan
    • Then don't watch

      H'xejacjiuye The UnpronounceableH'xejacjiuye The Unpronounceable11 dagar sedan
  • No Metzen? No thank you. Get that fan-fic author Golden out of there, please and thanks. We want actual talent.

    Googlesuqz FagitcoqGooglesuqz Fagitcoq11 dagar sedan
    • She literally wrote Thrall's origin story for Lord of the Clans, thougg.

      Red SparrowRed Sparrow10 dagar sedan
    • Not sure you can call it "fanfic" if the origin story was literally made by her

      ACatienzACatienz11 dagar sedan
    • How dare you insulting Golden here

      Coco -Coco -11 dagar sedan
    • @tytyrocks12 Modern Wow Storytelling HAHA

      みすみMisumiみすみMisumi11 dagar sedan
    • You’re crazy if you think Christie doesn’t put out some of the best storytelling of modern WoW.

      tytyrocks12tytyrocks1211 dagar sedan
  • Excelente!!!!!! Saludos desde Chile

    Jorge Mario Barros ZúñigaJorge Mario Barros Zúñiga11 dagar sedan
  • "Both Ragnaros and Thrall have always been voiced by Chris Metzen" Fresh-faced Blizzard employee: "Whats that noise in the recording studio?" Blizzard vet: "Oh don't worry, that's just Chris talking to himself again."

    AenwyrmAenwyrm11 dagar sedan
  • Ah... yes. All the things the Horde is not anymore. Its good to remember

    James MontoyaJames Montoya11 dagar sedan
  • warcraft2 movie please!!!!

    Toby HutchinsonToby Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
  • Forever my Warchief

    JuulbenJuulben11 dagar sedan
  • I've watched this with emotion and watering in my eyes, even though they are talking about green jesus, my found memories of WoW wouldn't be the same without Go'el

    vinicius gabrielvinicius gabriel11 dagar sedan
  • Id trade an hour of this for an half an hour of Chris Metzen talking about Thrall :/ Couldve invited the man here,after all he was one of the OGs of the company and fan favourite,dont even wanna go into how many characters he voiced in WoW

    DavidzZzDavidzZz11 dagar sedan
    • How do you know they didn’t invite him and he declined?

      Ryan HauckRyan Hauck10 dagar sedan
  • Y'all should've had Metzen be here.

    FarceFarce11 dagar sedan
    • nah

      ExploringLA FANExploringLA FAN11 dagar sedan
  • Funny how Thrall was Garrosh’s father figure even though technically Garrosh should be much older than him.

    Alexander AAlexander A11 dagar sedan
    • yeah but being older doesn't always translate to being more mature/knowing or having more experience

      bohasbohas11 dagar sedan
  • The Thrall statue should have been displayed instead of Sylvanas...

    Alexander AAlexander A11 dagar sedan

    Irudium1Irudium111 dagar sedan
  • Metzan?

    Red death OPRed death OP11 dagar sedan
  • He is coward and weakling, also dishonorable.

    ივანე მასხულიაივანე მასხულია11 dagar sedan
  • My favorite WoW character. Excellent character arc.

    W HillmanW Hillman11 dagar sedan
    • It wouldnt of been better if the arc went from front to back rather than from side to front

      Eoin MordauntEoin Mordaunt11 dagar sedan
  • From Thrall to Throll in 20 years

    ME262MKIME262MKI11 dagar sedan
    • Throld

      JoseAnd97JoseAnd9711 dagar sedan
  • Please never make Thrall bald again! That being said It’s been quite the journey growing and levelling up with our Warchief. LOK’TAR OGAR!

    Alexander AAlexander A11 dagar sedan
    • bald shamer

      Mert YEPMert YEP11 dagar sedan
    • Asmongold wishes god did not make him balding

      Greenchili StudiozGreenchili Studioz11 dagar sedan
  • It's kind of funny seeing these guys trying to sound like the writing makes sense

    FREdmaN1o7FREdmaN1o711 dagar sedan
    • It does make sense.

      No OneNo One9 dagar sedan
    • It does make sense, you just have to understand the logistics of the first chapter, have you ever even played WoW before lol

      Eoin MordauntEoin Mordaunt11 dagar sedan
    • @KDavis wether or not something makes sense can be factually proven. Logic is not subjective

      Just a BeeJust a Bee11 dagar sedan
    • ​@Minty Coffee Are you one of those smooth brains who think opinions aren't allowed to be criticized? You're open to your opinion, but that doesn't make it FACT. You don't get it, sorry you don't. Some of us do, and like it.

      KDavisKDavis11 dagar sedan
    • @KDavis It doesn't make sense. Stop deflecting valid criticism.

      Minty CoffeeMinty Coffee11 dagar sedan
  • Hey while you guys are doing this, think you can remember Warcraft 3: Reforged exists?

    korrdekorrde11 dagar sedan
    • @rod james It's the community who wrote those reviews. It's the community who ruined the game back in 2018, It's the community who mass refunded the game and it's the community who were defending Cyberfuck

      ALMASALMAS11 dagar sedan
    • @ALMAS game gets the worst reviews ever. Must be the community

      rod jamesrod james11 dagar sedan
    • @ALMAS The community has done nothing. Stop shifting corporate blame onto consumers, shill.

      Minty CoffeeMinty Coffee11 dagar sedan
    • @ALMAS after what Blizz did to this game, they deserve everything the community has said and more. Oh, and nice way to treat your customer base. Basically lie to them for months about what you're doing, deliver something that has less in it than what came out almost 20 years ago, and then have gormless people like you defend them for their own failings.

      korrdekorrde11 dagar sedan
    • After what the whiny and idiotic community has done with the game - No surprise Blizzard decided that this project deserves no attention

      ALMASALMAS11 dagar sedan
  • Thraall the only one Warchief ! +__+

    [Leomon] Mr_green_eyes1996[Leomon] Mr_green_eyes199611 dagar sedan
  • Что это было?

    Asperin UPSAAsperin UPSA11 dagar sedan
  • Uwu 💕

    Carlos AndradeCarlos Andrade11 dagar sedan
  • To Thrall! The cause of, and solution to, all of the Hordes problems!

    GenguidanosGenguidanos11 dagar sedan
  • where was metzen...

    FroggitFroggit11 dagar sedan
    • @Gschemes It wouldnt make sense, look back on the previous sections and think about laserth and Darth. Furthermore the photosynthesis wouldnt be correct if it was rejected by 250 by 12 degree angle frame.

      Eoin MordauntEoin Mordaunt11 dagar sedan
    • @Wolfblood92 he was in the q&a though wasn't he?

      Anjo MAnjo M11 dagar sedan
    • @Wolfblood92 He does when they need his voice...

      Darin WagnerDarin Wagner11 dagar sedan
    • @Wolfblood92 dosnt mean they cant ask him to appear. especially when he made the charater.

      GschemesGschemes11 dagar sedan
    • He is not working for Blizzard anymore

      Wolfblood92Wolfblood9211 dagar sedan
  • boring

    José OlívioJosé Olívio11 dagar sedan
    • @Ignacio Leiva Of course he has nothing better to do; he's Brazilian. It's taking all his effort not to just type "jajajaja come to brazil jajajaja"

      Sostenos ChostbergSostenos Chostberg11 dagar sedan
    • @Ignacio Leiva just like you have nothing better to do than cry about other people's opinions

      civitas parisiorumcivitas parisiorum11 dagar sedan
    • Poor guy, nothing better to do right?

      Ignacio LeivaIgnacio Leiva11 dagar sedan
    • Then why you're watching it? Haters gonna hate awesome things for no real reason!

      ALMASALMAS11 dagar sedan
  • Thats lit

    Chito KusinzaChito Kusinza11 dagar sedan
  • First. 😉💯

    Kenneth BolanioKenneth Bolanio11 dagar sedan
  • Thraall

    Alisong47Alisong4711 dagar sedan